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Lifestyle to manage good health,mental and physical

Updated on January 6, 2011
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Truthseeker by bith I strive hard to alert people to keep off the distortive disinformation

Bind with Nature

We must not forget the Creator's will in making us . People have no time or will to think about and understand the natural settings for their good health and well being

When it comes to health man shouldn't stand apart from animals . Biologically we belong to animal kingdom,remember.Every animal is coded to physically exert to earn prey. Man on the other exercises mind to manipulate that code. The result is telling ,mentally and physically. Innumerable mental and physical illnesses are evolved out of that aberration.

Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hyper/hypo-tensions, malignant tissue development, liver/kidney degeneration are only a few to mention from the list .

alcoholism,steroid addiction,consumption of pathogenic stimulants and unhealthy diet have grave consequences telling over mind and body.

Personal corrective measures

First we should deal with our mind . Stress , well managed ,invokes application of mind and develops adaptability. Unmanaged and unlimited stress play havoc on mental activity and invites depression.Hence train your mind to mind your health. Discrete thinking and logical response to every aspect of living is sensible with respect to personal health.

Need to regulate thinking is the key.Concentration and meditation skills developed under proper guidance can be meritorious.

After ensuring the healthy fastening on mental action we can adopt a healthy culture as to eating , working and sleeping all of which should balance among them and must balance with mother nature - whereby you entertain yourself with the natural enjoyment.

Menace of symptomatic therapy

Modern lifestyle inculcated the evil trend of symptom sub-sider interventions medically as well as habitually,in the form of consumption of liquor, oral/intravenal administration of steroids and other patho- agents. Medical professionals have renounced the ethical aspect under compulsion.




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