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Lift Chairs and Seniors

Updated on December 16, 2011

In the home, seniors and others often find it difficult to get up from a seated position. This is often true of couches and other sitting chairs, where seniors sometimes spend a lot of time. To offer a safer and easier way to stand up, using a home lifting system is often implemented. The most common type of home lifting system is the lift chair.

Lift Chairs are a tool used in the home to increase safety and accessibility by making it easier to stand up. Often, these devices look similar to a standard recliner, although there are a few different common models available. They work by lifting the user up with a powerful scissor lift unit, which is installed in the base of the chair. The lift unit propels the user upwards, until they can exit the seat in a safe manner. Of course, even when the unit has been fully raised, the user can remain safely seated, so there is not an increased risk of falling.

For many elderly users, selecting a lift chair can be difficult, as there are many different models and manufacturers available. Each lift chair manufacturer in turn offers a number of different lines, which each has different models available. However, in many cases, the manufacturers and distributors pad the number of available units, by classifying each different size chair as a different model.

Lift Chair Manufacturers

The most common lift chair manufacturers are Golden Technology and Pride Mobility, who both offer a wide variety of other types of home medical equipment as well, not limiting their products to only lift chairs.

While there are a number of other less common manufacturers, these two companies have both been custom making lift chairs for over 20 years and are well respected in the industry. Golden lift chairs, like Pride Lift Chairs, come from established companies that manufacture their lift chairs in the United States

Interestingly, both Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility Products are based in Pennsylvania and began manufacturing lift chairs around the same time.

Selecting a Lift Chair

When selecting a lift chair to find one that will be a good choice for the senior, a number of factors come into play. However, the most important concerns involve the physical requirements of the senior. It is essential that the lift chair is able to support the weight of the user, as well as providing some padding to accommodate any growth or the occasional heavy object they may be holding during lifting.

In addition to the manufacturers stated weight capacity requirements, it is also important to take into account the height of the lift chair user and the seat size, which includes the width and depth of the seat. Many people use a chair they have in the home to compare against the different sizes of lift recliner available.

It is also important to take style into mind, as there are a number of different lift chair designs and styles available, as well as a wide variety of colors. Often, the fabrics available are not the only concerns, but can also provide stain protection.


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