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Lingual Orthodontics or Invisible Braces Treatment in India

Updated on May 20, 2012

Lingual Orthodontics or Invisible Braces in India

Now the field of dentistry is in a technically exploring stage. More and more changes occurring due to this exploration. Face is considered as the mirror of mind and the beauty of the face is mostly influenced by beauty of smile. And beauty of smile also depends upon the beauty of teeth. If tooth have get a problem, it will affect the whole beauty of face. Consider the case of braces in order to improve the beauty of smile. But in present situation people wants something better than ordinary braces. Most people prefer lingual braces in order to improve the smile, but still some people don’t know about lingual or invisible braces. This tends to me to write about lingual braces.

One of The safest and most effective way to improve smile are braces. In the case of traditional braces, they are made from metal wires and brackets which are placed on the front of the upper and lower teeth. This will affect the beauty of smile during the time of wearing braces. This fact leads to the invention of lingual or invisible braces. The teeth braces that fit behind teeth are called lingual braces that are completely hidden from view.

The term Lingual means tongue or palate but here means the inside surface of the tooth. Lingual braces can’t be seen from outside. Lingual orthodontic braces have more complicated and technical than ordinary braces to fit. It is invented and in California, USA. Now more and more people attracting towards this approach.

Lingual braces are attached to the inside or lingual side of the teeth to allow tooth movements to be carried out while making them completely non-visible. Lingual braces are custom crafted to fit your individual teeth and treat your specific bite condition. Although they are placed discreetly on the back sides of the teeth, lingual braces straighten teeth using a similar design and technique as conventional braces. However, the brackets used in lingual braces are smaller than those of traditional braces, appropriated to corresponding tooth. In order to avoid irritation to the cheeks and inner lips and mouth, lingual braces are often a good suitable option for athletes and musicians who play wind instruments. Treatment for lingual braces are more difficult than that of standard braces, so orthodontists trained in lingual technique are only able to offer this form of specialized treatment.

Advantages of Lingual braces

•Braces will be hidden so others can’t find whether you undergone the treatment.

•Suitable for all type of treatments.

•Very comfortable to use.

•Effective and give result faster than aligner braces.

•Help to aid your teeth to grow straight by applying small but continuous pressure to teeth.

Disadvantages of Lingual braces

•Brushing time will take more

•More expensive than the conventional brace In India cost of this treatment is comparatively very low when compared with other countries like US,UK Canada and Australia for the same better quality of treatment.

•Unsuitable for patients with a small mouth or certain problems with their bite

Are you interested to know about and get Lingual braces. Please contact through by filling inquiry box. You can save 80% cost if you come to Dental Solution for this treatment .you save up to 40% even if consider the travel expenditure.


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      3 years ago

      My friend has recently been through a similar treatment at Dentzz. They have some awesome and experienced doctors like


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