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Lipo 6x Reviews - What's The Verdict?

Updated on August 5, 2010

One of the most popular fat burning supplements on the market today is called Lipo 6x and is manufactured by Nutrex.  We’ll take a quick look at what this product is all about, it’s main ingredients, as well as a brief look at opinions on it gathered from various online lipo 6x reviews.

The first thing to mention is that the “6” in Lipo 6x comes from the fact that it was originally formulated to contain 6 main, active ingredients. However, one of those main ingredients was taken off the market (ephedra). I presume the name has stuck due to general branding that occurred before the ingredient change.

Here are the main ingredients in the product now, and a brief description of what they do, how they work.

1. Synephrine – Synephrine is found in many popular fat burners on the market today. It’s general effects are an increase in energy as well as a boost to the metabolism, thereby having a positive effect on your efforts to burn body fat.
2. Caffeine – Caffeine is a well known ingredient found in so many products, both intended for fat burning as well as many that contribute to excess fat (i.e. soft drinks). One thing that it is known to do is to increase alertness and energy, which can be beneficial in helping you work out. It also has a certain level of appetite suppressing qualities. Another benefit when you’re trying to lose weight. Remember that if you normally get caffeine during the day, you may want to reduce that intake of it if you’re going to start using lipo 6x.
3. Bioperine – This is an extract from the pepper plant. Including it in the ingredient mix is said to help with the absorption of other ingredients, supplements you might be taking, and general nutritional value of foods you are eating.
4. Yohimbine – While this natural ingredient first got recognized as a possible treatment for ED (erectile dysfunction), more recently it has shown promise in the area of assisting in weight loss.

The combination of appetite suppressants with metabolism and energy boosters in one capsule is a good concept for a product that claims to help people lose weight. Does it work? Here’s what some people who have tried it have to say.

“I have been using this product for a couple of years now. It is the only supplement that I have found that actually works to control appetite, provide energy and promote weight loss.”
- user comment from

“I've been using lipo 6x specifically, and I'm liking it.”
- comment by user on forums at

“If you are lookin for a fat burner but don't quite know where to start Lipo-6 is a good burner for anyone (as long as your over 18 though)”
- found on

To be fair, not all the reviews were so positive. For example;

“…took the product as directed until they were gone… have not experienced any weight loss with this product.”
- user comment from

“Diet pills don't work, neither do rubs or ointments or machines.”
- from

I have to say that this last comment, while a little broad and harsh, does have a good amount of truth to it. You cannot expect a pill of any kind to do all the work for you. You must be dedicated to a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition, proper exercise and proper rest. If you want to add a helper on TOP of all that, then it may well be that something like lipo 6x could help you along your path.

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    • profile image

      Katarina 5 years ago

      Absolutely no diet pill will work unless you eat healthy and work out too.

    • profile image

      Wanda 6 years ago

      I am very fit and work out four or five times a week, but need that extra boost and energy. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and am not sure if it would be a health risk to try these Lipo 6x?

    • profile image

      Lipo6xuser 6 years ago

      I have used Lipo6x before. Even though I am an active person and I eat right, I have a desk job. So, I am relatively inactive for eight hours a day. I take Lipo 6x while I am working to boost my metabolism and suppress my appetite. This supplement wakes me up in the morning, keeps me alert at work, and keeps me from craving junk food.

    • profile image

      Praveen 6 years ago

      Can i use deca durabolin with lipo 6x.

      Did any one used , is there any problem?

      Plz reply

    • profile image

      Lipo6 7 years ago

      Lipo6 is the best fat burner in the world.

    • profile image

      Lipo6 7 years ago

      Lipo6For me is the best fat burner. I use it right now, and i have verry spectacular results...

    • profile image

      jess 7 years ago

      I am 19 years old and I started taking lipo6x in the summer. I took it for about three weeks. The first week I felt fine and really energetic, but I was only taking 2 pills a day. I found I had a lot of energy, every morning I would take a pill wait half an hour eat a bowl of cereal then go for a run. I noticed a huge difference I lost 4 pounds and had muscle definement. (4 pounds might not seem like a lot but i'm already pretty in shape i just wanted to tone my body). However, as time progressed I got the worst pounding headache I have ever had in my life from the pill! And my heart was racing so fast all the time sometimes I would get a chest pain and have to sit down so I stopped taking them. This pill is a huge health risk, although it does work. For everyone it is different, so I suggest starting with the lowest dose and gradually work your way up. And listen to what your body is telling you ! If you think your feeling a bad side effect don't tell yourself "oh maybe its not because of the pill" ... no! .. Yes it is because of the pill.

    • profile image

      sal 7 years ago

      ive been taking xenadrine for 2 months now and saw good results, i was told to try out lipo 6x, the bottle recomendes 4 tablets per day, but my trainer recomended 6 per day, i was taking 6 a day on xendarine, would i have any side effects if i take 6 on lipo?

    • profile image

      RIro 7 years ago

      hi, i've been using Liop 6 for 12 days now with now results whatsoever in weight loss. However i do do have more energy, no other side effects!!!

      When do i see results, if any???

    • profile image

      Phil 7 years ago

      hey guys i am 23 and nit overally overweight i started 6 x five days ago i have 2 pills twice a day and being doing it of exersise i hahave lost 3 kilos in 4 days lol it does make u feel a bit jittery and a bit sick but f u have a lil bit of food then take ur pill i find im ok will update u in a week at this stage i will be fully ripped in two weeks it has changed my eating habbits i use to have 3 massive meals a day not i have couple bits of fruit in the day drink pleanty of water and have a nice meal at night reccomened big time ..if you can handle the sp3eed affect.

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      The side effects alone were reason enough for me to continue searching out another product. To avoid these side effects I stepped away from pharmaceutical, to nutraceutical. The Qivana Qore and Metaboliq system are great. Healthy weight-loss by Resetting and Recharging your Metabolism back to when you were in your twenties. Not a Diet pill for quick loss leading to regain of weight. I've lost 5 lbs. and still counting - in just two weeks!

    • profile image

      formal Bally's Fitness Coach 7 years ago

      I was introduced to Lipo 6x by a 53yr old woman. She had a body like a video vixion.... I asked her what was her secret! She told me to try Lipo 6x. I tried it and my body is like the Venus and Sareena sisters NOW. I love this product and I recommend it to everyone I meet; Whether its female or male. Try it, You will love it!

    • profile image

      meghen 8 years ago

      I have taken this pill in the past and started it again after i had a baby and needed something to push my weight loss. It has always been very effective and i have had great success with lipo6x as a fat burner. I've recomended this to many people and i've had some friends tell me that it was too much for them or it made them sick. Everyone is different and not all people like fat burners in general but through my experience with fat burnens (hydroxycut, lipo black, black for her, rip fuel, slimquick, etc.) I have had the best results from lipo 6x. i am 130lbs now and 5 months ago i was 157 lbs. without lipo it would have taken me a year to lose this weight.

    • profile image

      simperfi  8 years ago

      this is a fucking great pill i lost 5 lb in 1 week without working out take this pill if your lazy

    • profile image

      Kathy 8 years ago

      taking it for a couple of weeks now...tried 2 pills 2x a day the 3rd day...made me feel funny...shakes...felt like i was having an anxiety attack so i cut back down a day. Week 3 tried going back to 2 pills 2ce a day...felt good...continued the next day felt sick...3rd day developed the worst headache and by the afternoon headache was back and felt jittery and had cold sweats...not feeling so hot...think i will cut back down to 1 pill 2x a day

    • profile image

      Mike Williams 8 years ago

      Just started taking it today, 1 pill this morning, didnt do much, felt a bit more awake, no jitters, no bouncy heartbeats, just a clear mind.. Think its different with everyone, and what the hell is that comment about saying that diet pills dont work, they do work I lost 28lb a few years back on Hydroxy cut, but I made sure my diet and training were up to speed. As the guy above says rightly, they are not a magic pill, get off your ass and make them work!!

    • profile image

      bobby 8 years ago

      This is what Ive found to be very true in 99.9% of cases...For two weeks get a good workout routine and healthy diet going. Then add lipo 6X to it, this is whats going to take you to where you want to be. Lipo 6X is an awesome addition..."ADDITION" to your own hard work! As stated above, these pills are not going to get up in the morning and go running for you! Stop being lazy, Stop eating fast foods, lace up ur gym shoes and get some.

    • profile image

      yummybro 8 years ago

      i started taking Lipo6 last Sept. 30 2009 and my first two days i took two pills a day and was great i was so energetic … got intense work out. Then i took three pills for the next two days and then my fifth day i took 4 pills… then i noticed that i got headache but i dunno if this was the result of the pills. anybody could tell me… and i experiencing cold sweating.

    • profile image

      MB 8 years ago

      Lipo 6x worked extrememly well for me, I was only aking 2 - 3 pills a day though but with a vegan diet and butt loads of cardio I lost 35lbs in 5 weeks, almost a pound a day. after i stopped taking when i ran out ive only lost 3lbs in a mos so im gonna go back on them today.

      by the way I was 245lbs and now I am 213lbs, my goal is 185lbs and 34" waist. need a beach body.

    • profile image

      Mark 8 years ago

      Don't be fooled by Lipo6, It was horrible. I bought a bottle and tried to use 1 capsule. I felt like my hands were shaking, I was seeing and hearing things, it was very scary and intense. This is NOT a product I would recommend to anyone, unless they wanted to have a really bad trip.

      I can say that I would not use it again, I have found an effective replacement for Lipo6X, it's called "Beach Burner" and you can find it on Ebay.


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