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Lipovox Side Effects Should You Be Worried

Updated on February 26, 2010

There are numerous drugs in the market for the person that is interested in weight loss and or fat burning. The weight loss options in the market range from all protein diets, to surgery to pills. In the last category, there is Lipovox. This drug is marketed for its benefits as far as weight loss is concerned. This non-prescription drug can be bought over the counter by the interested part. It contains several ingredients that have been used for weight loss on their own and these include the Acai berry from Brazil and several probiotics that enhance the takers immune system by fighting against harmful elements in the body.

Another component of Lipovoxis barley. This is an excellent source of fiber. Fiber is a good dietary inclusion for various reasons. It keeps the stomach working in order to break down the tough material and as such, the person remains satisfied for longer periods. On the other hand, it regulates the blood sugar levels in the body and this is an added advantage to the person taking the drug. When the levels of sugar are well balanced then hunger is controlled and consequently so is consumption. As a result, the person consumes less sugary foods and this aids in over all weight loss. The barley that is included in Lipovox has high concentrations of vitamin E that enhances immunity.

The other components of the drug are the green tea extracts and the salmon oil that is included in the pills. All these are beneficial to the patient as is the Alpha pioic acid also contained in it. It should be noted however that even though the drug has many beneficial ingredients there it has not been tested before being released into the market. This means that if there after any adverse effects of taking the drug long term they are and it could end up doing more harm than good. On the plus side, however people that have been using this drug for a while have noted some side effects. In some cases diarrhea occurs and in other cases, there is a rash that may occur if the drug has been taken for extended periods. Hives are another side effect of the pills that has been noted in some patients as is itching.

On a more severe note there could be wheezing. This is an extreme interference of the persons breathing capacity, as is any other form of difficulty experienced when breathing. Another extreme side effect is a swelling of the mouth. This could interfere with breathing as well as the amount of food the person is able to consume comfortably. Last but not least, there could be a swelling of the throat. This interferes with not only eating but also swallowing and breathing as well. Though this is a drug that has many uses and effects it should be taken under the guidance of a physician and should be taken with caution.


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