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Live Each Day as if it were your last

Updated on April 10, 2012

Each Day is a Gift

I live each day as if it were a gift from God, I am fully aware that it may be my last. Although many days look and feel the same, they are not, because we do not always know the ways we impact the world around us.

Living is Simple

Life is not always full of knock your socks off adventure, it is more.

  • Teach Someone
  • Help Someone you do not know
  • Laugh until you cry
  • Do something you haven't done before
  • Take a hike and listen to nature.....Really listen
  • Look at Life through a child's eye

Teach Someone

The people who have impacted my life the most have been those who have brought meaning to my life by teaching me how to accomplish a goal, paint a picture or live my life with meaning. The poem IF by Rudyard Kipling was taught to me by a grade school teacher.......It hangs in my home as a reminder of the importance of teaching and a rudder by which to guide my ship.


Help someone you do not know

"A hand out is a hand up." We do not always know the difference we make in someone else's life with a simple act of kindness. Beyond that we experience joy in our own hearts when we give freely without the expectation of something in return.

Laugh until you cry

:Laughter is the best medicine," is really true. I think about the times when we were sitting around the table playing a game or socializing and something happened to make everyone laugh uncontrollably. You know, the laugh you can't hold back because it is contagious!!! The tears fill your eyes and your belly giggles like jello..................Laughter reduces stress and releases endorphins that make you feel good!!!

Montezuma's Castle in Arizona
Montezuma's Castle in Arizona

Do something you haven't done before

It is interesting to learn new things, take on new challanges and view the world from a different perspective. Exploring is the best way to learn.

Take a hike and listen to nature

Look at Life through a child's eye

Children see the world with wonderment, full of possibilities without judgement. I believe our children can teach us more about life than we can comprehend.


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    • mjboomer profile image

      Mike Elzner 5 years ago from Oregon

      Thank You so much Liz, I appriciate your comments....

    • profile image

      Liz Walmoth 5 years ago

      This was beautifully written with a wonderful message for all of us. Terrific photos, too.

    • mjboomer profile image

      Mike Elzner 6 years ago from Oregon

      Thank You Phil, I try to take a moment each day to slow down and count my blessings.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Great hub - we definitely need to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Every day would be ideal, of course, but with the busy lives many of us lead, it isn't always possible. Voted up and awesome.

    • mjboomer profile image

      Mike Elzner 6 years ago from Oregon

      Thank you rutley for the thumbs up !

    • rutley profile image

      rutley 6 years ago from South Jersey

      Beautiful! Thanks for your answer to my question. Voted up and keep up the good work!


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