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White Teeth – Home Remedies

Updated on March 2, 2016

"Prevention is better than cure"

It is rightly said that “Prevention is better than cure”. Here are some tips for both prevention and cure to keep teeth white, mouth odor free & clean.

How to Prevent Stained Teeth?

Know the cause and reasons behind discoloration of teeth!

Main Causes are :

  • Following Wrong Diet routine

  • Eating Acidic foods, Sugar-based foods, Greasy, deeply colored & sticky foods

  • Smoking, Tobacco

  • Poor dental hygiene

  • Excessive use of fluoride & whitening toothpastes

  • Carbonated drinks, Caffeine, dark chocolates

Limit consumption of above mentioned foods or drinks which affect tooth and make it vulnerable to staining.

Also when eating above types of food make sure you rinse well with water afterwards.

What more you can do?

  • Use a straw for drinks.

  • Have crunchy foods E.g. Cucumber, Apple, Sprouts, carrots, cabbage & other vegetables which requires lots of chewing. Eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits and drink a lot of water.

  • Have some milk or yogurt or cheese after meal. It helps to keep teeth free of cavity.

  • Chew sugar free chewingum : It may contain xylitol which is a natural sweetener.

  • Always keep your teeth rinsed well with water.

  • Drink a cup of tea everyday to keep teeth bacteria free. (Why not drink a cup of Green Tea instead?)

  • Do not use your teeth as tool except for eating.

Brushing Tips :

  • Before using toothbrush for brushing, rinse it well with water.

  • Use soft bristle toothbrush.

  • Do not rub very hard while brushing your teeth.

  • Brush teeth for atleast 2 minutes.

  • Make sure you clean your tongue too. It will help remove bacteria and keeps mouth odor-free too.

  • Buy a tooth brush with tongue cleaner so that if you are lazy like me, you can clean your tongue too. You can buy a separate tongue scraper too.

  • Brush atleast 2 times a day (after getting up and before going to bed).

  • Floss your teeth 2 times a day to prevent stains between your teeth.

  • Keep your brush at 45 degree to your gums & move in circular direction than back & forth.

  • Change your brush after every 2-3 months.

  • Use alcohol free mouthwash.

How to make your teeth whiter & healthy?

1. Lemon + Salt Remedy : Mix few drops of lemon and salt. Brush your teeth using this paste.

2. Baking Soda + Salt Remedy : Baking Soda is a famous tooth whitener & cleaner. It really works! Make a paste of baking soda and salt. Apply this to your teeth for a minute or so then brush with normal toothpaste for a minute. You can even mix lemon to this paste. Note : Use baking soda maximum 2 times a week as it can erode your enamel.

3. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) Remedy : It can be mixed with water to make a mouthwash. Do not use hydrogen peroxide in large amount as it can erode your enamel too.

Other things From Kitchen which you can use to clean your teeth are :

> Bay leaves

> Sea salt and tartar mixture

> Inner portion of fresh strawberries (2-3 minutes of rubbing)

> Banana Peel : Rub on your teeth with banana peel for 15min. Then brush your teeth & rinse with water.

> Lemon Peel

> Orange Peel

> Oil Pulling (10-15min) : Swish in your mouth a tablespoon of natural oil & push it between your teeth and rinse well with water.

> Cider Vinegar + Virgin Oil mixture can be taken to soak your brush and then brushing your teeth again again with this mixture to get whiter teeth. Rinse well your mouth with water.

Disclaimer :

Information is based on personal experience and extensive research including detailed reviewing of different sources from internet is done before sharing the content.

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