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Live JOY

Updated on September 23, 2009
Enclosed in delicious love = Joy!
Enclosed in delicious love = Joy!

(Repeat to remember, remember to repeat,)

Image now - you are in a space, safe and peaceful, feeling held by love itself.

Just notice now, what it’s like, to be held so...... so safely ensconced in this loving embrace..... divine.... Notice the gentle movement in your body now, safe in love, free to flow, to allow the undulations of delicious pleasure to move in you.... subtle at first, then more ... a feeling of life - alive in your body. From your base to your crown, gentle, fluid, delicious, expanding, filling.

Sleepy places come alert. Imagine you yawn and stretch to make room. Release. Notice this expanding feeling of pleasure and delight - it is Joy. Notice the vibrating unspent creativity, moving, expanding, growing inside you.

Let it continue to move, awaken, expand - moving through you more and more, gently expanding into a fullness so satisfying and luscious.

Notice the places in your body coming alive, with life. With a delicious pleasure - this is Joy. Breathe deep, and let go. Deep and soft, steady and full. Enjoy the sensations you notice in your body. Breathe into the most intense areas and notice the release - of flooding pleasure.

Notice the places coming awake - breathe deep… and let go.

Taste the deliciousness on your tongue. Notice the delight in your body. Smell the rich full aroma of life - in loving gratitude, releasing love to all that nourishes you, supports you, loves you - as you are, in all your glory - a glorious one, divinely inspired, in love… through love… by love.

Breathe deep the love within you, breathe out the love you are. Imagine your breath of love fills the space around you until you are a radiant orb of inspiring loveness - in-love - blessing all that behold you.

The strength of your radiance is buoyant and firm. - a light glow - contagious. Breathe deep. Notice how your breath empowers your love glow, your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul. Breathe deep.

Notice the lovely heavy pendulum swaying in balance anchoring you firm - in tempo - in time, keeping you sweetly anchored, steady in beat. Breathe deep.

And notice, the one holding you. Breathing you life. Breathing you love. Alight with love’s pleasure having you near. Breathe deep… Breathe deep… Breathe deep… this is joy. This is you. Blessings be upon you in your joy.

And know the fullness of radiant joy - within you, around you, holding you, anchoring you. Solid and light. Fluid and firm. Breathe deep. And release your joy, an animating force for good.

Feel the softness of pleasure touch, the eyes that sparkle dewy at your form. The smile of pleasure in your company. Notice the words of pleasure at the site of you, the honor of your company. Taste how delicious it is to be a pleasure. Breathe deep. This is joy. Breathe deep, let go, release - expand the joy that you are - to behold, to beheld.

As you will, upon your choosing, blessings of joy be upon you and all who come near. Breathe deep - and know - Joy.


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