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Live and Laugh

Updated on February 2, 2017

Live and Laugh

Live and Laugh

Having worked in Nursing homes and hospitals for years, I know the importance of having a sense of humor as a worker, but also for patients and residence. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Humor appears to help people's psychological and physical well-being - for example, helping folks cope with stress and adversity.

What we lack in society is humor,good tasteful humor. People are so easily offended,and easily angered. Why? Maybe some like playing the victim? Live and laugh, calls us to take time smell the roses. Ah gone are the days where we knew how to play, and play with what we had. Playing out side, exploring, Today it is sit in front of tv, play games, or ear glued to the cell phone. We hardly spend time just going to lunch, and talking without having our cell phone to text someone. Social media does not help,as we know everything for a selfie, and fb post. What about personal relationships? Are they going to go by way side with all our technology.Life seems to have gotten so serious. Too serious if you ask me.

I think most people exist, but do not truly live.Not many have just learned to enjoy life, enjoy the moment.Many do not look for humor in daily life anymore but would rather find faults, and something to complain about. This feeds negative energy, and is also unhealthy. Who also wants to be round someone constantly complaining,nagging,being negative all the time?

Choosing to live and laugh is choosing a more positive way of living, also less stressful to.

Live and Laugh, is choosing to live rather than exist. It is easy, comfortable to exisit. Just wake up daily for work , go to work on time, do all your told , come home do chores etc, and repeat,Do not think or speak of a change in routine. It is to risky. We love our comfort zones. However living a comfortable life is not truly living, but like a robot existing.

What Laughter does for us

The benefits of laughter have been scientifically proven. Scientists have studied brain waves and how they change the disposition in the brain’s happy centers. Harvard Medical School began these studies in the 1970s, and other universities followed.

Laughter is Contagious

Laughter Reduces the Stress Response

Laughter Boosts Immunity

Laughter Increases Resilience

Laughter Combats Depression

Laughter Relieves Pain

How to add some humor to your life

  • Make a date to have fun.
  • Watch funny movies,ready funny stories.
  • Do not take yourself, and life to seriously
  • Invite friends over for a game.
  • Play with a child, or a pet.
  • Surround yourself with fun people
  • Go to a comedy club, or someplace where you will have fun.

Laughter is medicine for the soul.

Health benefits of Laughter

Laughter At Work?


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