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Live for Today

Updated on December 6, 2013

How We Live

all rights reserved and copyrighted, permission given by author to use.
all rights reserved and copyrighted, permission given by author to use.

One Day At A Time

We can't worry about what tomorrow may bring,

we must live for today,

Put aside worries and fear,

follow good thoughts in what we do and say.

A new day will follow this one,

and a change for the better, soon begun.

Be positive in what you do,

and in remembering, this is but a single one.

You can change all of your tomorrows ,

by living well, and with your smile,

By trying our best in everything that we do,

and in our going the extra mile.

Extending our hand to those in need,

spreading to all blessings, as we go.

Sets the pathway so that others may see,

an example, in acts that we show.

When we share our love and understanding,

that all peoples see and know.

No matter our origins, our race or creed,

a spirit of human kindness, will flow.

There can be no limits with right attitudes,

and heights that we all may reach,

Learning by doing has been the only way,

in that which we attempt to teach.

A fine day awaits us in our tomorrows,

so reach for that special golden rule,

Doing unto those of our friends, the good,

learned by our children in school.

No more precious a way of living our lives,

than could we all wish to but find,

In living this day, above all the rest,

and revealing our souls, in being so kind.


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