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Practice Mind Control to reduce Stress

Updated on May 17, 2012

Right now is the moment

The habit of living in present

Living in present is a sure way of staying happy. It sounds so simple but it is most difficult to practice. Just try to track your mind right now! It is far away stuck in a quagmire of anxiety sources, an appointment, an assignment, a travel, an incident happened in the past; the list is long.

Many people have a wandering mind

When I first heard about living in present I thought it is no big deal living in Present! It took me years to realize that my life, filled with anxiety and subsequent unhappiness, is aided and abetted by the fact that I have a habit or it has become my character to wander in my thought space. I remember my school days when sitting in a movie hall I used to worry about my studies and while in the class I used to be wondering on something else. I was never present in the moment of any event or activity. When I look back I find that almost all the time, a part of my mind, with varying degree, gets locked up with the issues of past event or future. And I was not there with my physical presence.

The gradual decline

Many things happened and I became a person who looked indifferent to everything one should get engrossed i.e. studies, career, family life and started escaping from responsibilities. The expected outcome or rather inevitable outcome was that I became a patient of chronic stress or General Anxiety Disorder.

Constant Practice

This may be the case shaped by a period in life which was not exactly a happy one. But we need to break free. We need constant practice to get rid of this habit. Being conscious of your breath is one sure way of anchoring you to present and just feel the breath, it becomes deeper and stress goes away for a while before it comes back like an obstinate child. This is a war of attrition. Choice is yours!

Insightful NYT Article

Look around and watch your kids. Are they here with you or getting into wandering mood! Do something to ensure that the kids are not degenerating into needless wandering. It is sure to make him a patient of anxiety or stress. You must read a powerful study in NYT An interesting or wise article in NYT “When the Mind Wanders, Happiness Also Strays by JOHN TIERNEY

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