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Liver Cleansing: Staying Healthy

Updated on October 17, 2011

It may not be good, but the fact of the matter is, we as humans put a lot of harmful things into our body. Alcohol, fatty foods and other things are terrible things that some of us put into our bodies every day. The liver is the primary detoxifying organ so it's important that it always remains working to its best ability. However the toxins that the livers helps to get rid of also attack the liver, causing it to fill up with a bunch of toxins which can impair what it's there to do.

A liver cleanse helps wash out the small stones and crystals that are harmful in the liver. It's important to cleanse the liver on a regular basis, especially if you consume excessive amounts of alcohol and processed food. If you leave the liver clogged and continue with these harmful habits, it's only a matter of time before the liver stops working completely and allows harmful toxins into the body. The toxins can get into the blood steam and travel all around the body and causes illnesses. The best thing about liver cleansing is you can do it from home.

Liver Cleansing

Apple juice is an important first step in the liver detoxprocess. It's important to drink this about 5 days prior to the actual start of the liver cleansing. The apple juice contains malic acid which helps loosen stones and other particles that are attached the walls of the liver.

The next step is Epsom salts dissolved in water. This helps relax the muscle in the bile duct so that large painful particles can flow smooth and easy. The next step is olive oil. This helps the gall bladder and bile duct to contract, which can force large particles out of the liver that could get trapped. If you mix the olive oil with grapefruit or lemons can help it travel through the stomach and reduce nausea. Once the olive oil reaches the small intestine, it helps carry away the stones and other particles.

The bad habits of excessive alcohol, fast food consumption and other things have a negative affect on the body. In order to reduce that negative effect, it's important to have a properly working liver. In order to keep your liver in perfect working order, it's almost essential to do a regular liver detoxification. Keeping your liver clean could be the difference in being healthy or coming down with a dangerous disease.


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    • profile image

      Ron 6 years ago

      Great hub, looking forward to come back and be fascinted by your posts. Thank you.

      Ron from

    • profile image

      beths nutrition 9 years ago

      I had wondered why I always felt better about drinking a lot of apple juice. Sometimes my parents would buy it and we'd end up drinking it for a week. I guess my body was starting to loosen up particles even if I didn't thoroughly wash them out. That's very cool. :)

      Even though I work hard to eat healthy, I know that we can't trust any food nowadays. Maybe organic, but not everything is even available in organic form. Then some organic labels still use pesticides.... All that to say that I know I'll never keep my diet toxin-free, though I hope that I do better than most.

      So even healthy people can't ignore cleansing their systems. Thanks for telling us how to cleanse the liver. It sounds much safer than other systems I've heard of.