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Liver, Skin, and Acne

Updated on October 25, 2012
Roles of body and acne spots
Roles of body and acne spots

Mystery of Acne

Acne has always been a mystery on why people have them, truth is acne is like a "check engine" light on a car. Researchers or doctors usually look for that single cause for any sickness and the “one size fits all” solution which is usually antibiotics. Antibiotics usually work short term and drawback is there is a high chance that bacteria in the body will build a resistant against the antibiotics if misused or used too much. There are many causes to acne. It’s a typical skin problem whether it’s simple or severe. The kidney, the liver, and the skin are the three most important organs in the body aside from the lymphatic system. The skin is an organ; it has many functions which are to help protect us from foreign organisms. Acne has been part of growing up for many people, when reaching puberty, the hormones increase causing acne. But acne does not stop there and some get them later on while others might not.

Acne Resolution?

Many people on first encounter with a skin problem is to approach a dermatologist and to some it will help, but upon interviews and researches there are some people who stay on antibiotics for over a year and the problem persist, which is also very unhealthy. Taking antibiotics for the wrong reasons can cause more problems to your health but sometimes busy doctors look for a quick fix to satisfy their patients who are looking for a quick resolution.

Acne and skin problems are not always a surface issue and slapping cream or topical gel is not always the answer. Most of the problems with the skin usually lie not outside but inside our body. Certain organs begin to reject the breakdown of toxins or the organs are overworked and another organ will take over. In cases of acne, some people begin getting it when they get older and these are usually called adult acne, which means exactly what it says. Adults have been through a lot over their life and chances are their body is weakened over the years. Those who drink (alcohol) a lot or do any liver damaging substances will possibly have some issues with their skin. The liver is one of the primary organs to breakdown toxins and with it overworked, the skin which is the secondary handles it through excretion and toxins can cause bacteria growth causing skin problems.

Antibiotics can only work on microorganisms such as bacteria and if used correctly it can clear the issue. But it’s important that the body is clear of all bacteria before stopping otherwise it will grow back. But if you have a weak liver the antibiotics might be too stressful on the liver and cause more acne to appear rather than clearing.

The skin can be very sensitive to toxins that are excreted by the body can cause:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Adult acne
  • Sagging and wrinkles on skin
  • Blemishes on skin
  • Rashes and sores

Detoxification Of The Liver

Understanding your own body is very important. It’s like having a toothache all of a sudden; first reaction might be that the tooth is bad. But looking further you find that the gums are also swollen and bad breath, usually means the body is having issues with the diet. This is not to say that the tooth itself might not be a problem but the cause of the problem may lie beyond the infect area. Detoxification would be something that the body might need and it does not mean you need to see a doctor. Most detoxification can be done by changing your diet for a couple of months and slowly you will feel a change. Drinking water or water with added lemon juice can help with detoxification, the popular rule of 8 x 8 which is drinking eight 8 ounce cups daily. There are supplements like milk thistle to help strengthen the liver, and the cost is very cheap and quite effective. Another aid to help the detoxification is green vibrance which improves the nutrients that the body receives and overall improves health. This not only helps with detoxification but also weight control, but this does not mean your diet is only water. It means that water has to be a part of it. And the food you will eat need to be pure meaning no greasy or junk food but health meals.

Certain things to consider staying away from while on a detoxification diet:

  • Dairy products (causes inflammation)
  • Beef (contains certain toxins that can stress the liver further)
  • Duck (same as beef)
  • Eggs (can cause inflammation)
  • ALCOHOL (this is self explanatory)

Understand that during detoxification of any organ, the body will feel fatigue and is not recommended if you are already fatigue from being sick. Best thing to do in using detoxification with fatigue individuals is to eat natural detoxification food, which is usually practiced in Asian cultures. Which consist mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and certain oils, but just keeping a strict diet of fruits and vegetables and maybe some supplements are enough to help without over doing it.

Because the body is weakened from the detox, it will take time to recover and the skin should start to show some sign of clearing in a couple of months. This is not going to be an overnight remedy but even after the acne begins to clear it does not mean that you can destroy your diet again.

© 2012 Dave Rogers


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    • snoblet profile imageAUTHOR

      Dave Rogers 

      6 years ago from New York

      @Cathy Fidelibus It indeed gives a healthy glow and one that is important to have at all times, thanks for the comment

    • Cathy Fidelibus profile image

      Ms. Immortal 

      6 years ago from NJ

      Thanks detoxification is a great idea, it gives you have a healthy glow from the inside out.


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