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Live snake ... Ijaz graph in the story of Moses, peace be upon him

Updated on October 1, 2015

But after research in this subject appeared to me the wisdom of a great graphic prove that every word in the Koran but it comes at the right place, and can never be replaced in other words, this chart of miracles in the Koran.

To illustrate the wisdom of the multiplicity of words when looking for the story of Moses, peace be upon him with the Pharaoh to find that it was repeated on many occasions, but stick mentioned in the three stages of this story:

1. When Moses was walking with his family at night Vobesr fire and came to elicit their God called to him to throw his stick.

2. When Moses went to Pharaoh, Pharaoh asked him evidence of the sincerity of his message of God of Moses threw his stick.

3. When witches gathered and threw their ropes and their rods and bewitched the eyes of the people, Moses threw his stick.

These are the three citizen where Moses cast in his story stick with Pharaoh. But how eating divine statement this story and how it expressed, and whether there is any contradiction or disagreement or to Have Indiscriminate use of Koranic words?

First position

In the first position we find the return of Moses to Egypt after he got out, on the way back at night saw the fire so he wanted to be closer to them to elicit called to him God, and ordered him to cast his rod, Vamaha turn into a real live shaking and moving and endeavor, they were afraid of them, ordered him God not to fear and that this miracle is a way to prove the sincerity of his message in front of Pharaoh.

The second position

The position represents the coming of Moses, peace be upon him to Pharaoh and to try to persuade him to the existence of God, and when Pharaoh request physical evidence of the sincerity of Moses, threw his stick. If it turns into a snake shown. If our search for verses that dealt with this situation, we find several verses, but the serpent mentioned only twice in the verse:

The third position

After Pharaoh collection magicians and they threw ropes and sticks and bewitched the eyes of the people and horses to people for Moses, that these chords moving and shaking and seeking, Moses threw his stick Fabtalt all the ropes and sticks, and then realized the witches that came by Moses right, not magic, they worshiped God in front of this miracle.


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