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Living Healthy can start from Eating Healthy

Updated on May 12, 2011

Living Healthy can start from Eating Healthy

To live healthy is a choice and your choice will get you somewhere if you want to change your life from living unhealthy to healthy. If you ask me what are the elements of living a healthy life, my answer lies to four elements: exercise, proper nutrition, skin protection and rest/sleep. But right now, my topic will only deal with proper nutrition and that's a start for living healthy. If you're here in America, you are one lucky person because you can have everything you want including eating whatever you want. But the other lucky person you see around made another choice and that is to eat a lot which results to unhealthy eating, that is the reason why obesity is the number one cause of death here in America. So now is the time to make your choice. It is never too late to decide whether you want to live healthy or not. Ready? Start by following my seven reminders for eating healthy. 1)Read your body. Weigh yourself first, are you overweight? if you are, what is your weight goal? And work to reach your weight goal by eating right. 2) The less you eat meat, the better. Stay away from eating too much burgers and other fattening foods. 3)Stay away from dairy products and canned food. Try the organic ones and anything that is made fresh. 4) Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Have different colors of fruits and vegetables on your kitchen table. Try buying from farmers market where it's fresh and organic. 5) Avoid beverages when you can and drink a lot of water instead. Water is the healthiest of them all and it's cheap too. Your body will thank you for drinking more water. 6) Know how to read labels so you know what kind of nutrients are needed by your body. Knowing a balance diet is an advantage, so always be aware of the labels. 7)Watch how much you eat. If you think you have enough, stop eating and don't go for the second serving. Eating right will enable you to be active the whole day. Eating healthy will give you energy and right mindset. Like I said in the beginning, it's a matter of choice. If this is not for you, I don't advice you to do it. But if you decide to change your life now by changing your eating habits, then I congratulate you because you're doing the right thing. Eating right, eating healthy is just one part of living healthy. You need to move your body, you need to be active, you need to exercise if you want results. Another important part is taking care of your skin. Healthy body should have a healthy skin too. And one important thing also is for you to know how to rest well and sleep well. All these will get you to a new life, a life full of healthy food, a healthy skin, an active life and a well-rested lifestlye. Take your pick, to live healthy or not? Eat healthy, live healthy!


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