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Living Life Sober One Day At A Time

Updated on July 20, 2014

Everyone has heard many time in their lives, just take it easy. Take one day at a time is the key. If you try rush time and look far into your future you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the next step you should take. This goes for anything in our lives and includesliving life sober one day at a time.

We need to get through each day with happiness, success, and joy and not wonder what tomorrow will be like or weeks later will be like. I call that wishing your life away in some cases.

One day at a time is all we should think about and live the now and never mind worrying about weeks or months from now.

Granted, we all do have to plan things weeks, months and even a year in advance and these things may consists of your families vacation or somewhere you are planing to visit such as your family or friends in another State or Country. Other than those things mentioned, I would recommend living one day at a time and just enjoy the now and day you are presently living in. This is my new goal and I will continue to learn to live one day at a time.

Just Say No More !

When Enough Is Enough

How do we know when enough is enough? Our bodies and our families will make sure you know when they think you are over doing your drinking of alcohol.

As I have been called by many, "an alcoholic"  and I admit that I am, in which as I said before in many other hub, I hate that would, but I brought it on myself and know I must accept the consequences of my new name and my actions. I am okay with it because I know that I have stop drinking alcohol back in 2009 and even though I have been awarded this horrible name, I am now living life sober and that's all that matters to me.

I never realized just how great sobriety was because it was out of my life for so many years, you tend to forget what it feels like. Now, I am reminded each and everyday I wake feeling great and more healthy each and everyday.   I now live my life clean and sober and love every second of it.

Books on Living Life Sober

Take It One Day at a Time

Taking each day one at a time is hard for some because some of us tend to get excited about what will tomorrow will bring, but we will never know what it will bring, because tomorrow hasn't arrived yet.

Just sit back and enjoy your ride in the now and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Worrying and wondering about what tomorrow will be, you are losing out on the day you are presently living in. One day at a time my friends. Don't stress over the small stuff and if something comes about in your life that is a bit overwhelming, take a deep breathe and try to figure out how you can correct the problem that is facing you today.

Living life sober and living it one day at a time is the only way to get sober and stay sober.   Take it on step at a time and don't look back at the past, just enjoy the now or the present and you will see how each and everyday seems to get easier to stay clean and sober.

Never give up on yourself or your sobriety.  Stay focused and always stay with a positive attitude and things will begin to get better in your life.  Believe in yourself and always remember when you believe you will achieve and then living life sober will then be easier just taking it one day at a time.


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