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How to Live Longer

Updated on October 7, 2010

Living Longer With Good Health

A question that has beleaguered humans for centuries, how can I live longer? To tell you the truth there is no fountain of youth but you can live longer healthy, happy and feeling good. There is a misconception in this country that as you age you get sick, bunk! My grandmother lived until 98 years old and she was not sick or ill much in her life. I asked her one day what was her secret to long life? Well, she said, I am not sure how to answer that but I can tell you to eat good food and drink lots of water. I asked her what else you do to take care of yourself, that can’t be it. She asked me, when was the last time you had some kefir? I said, well I tried it a couple of times but didn’t like the taste. It’s kind of sour but not spoiled and could take a little getting used to. She made her own from raw milk and drank it all the time, you can’t make it from pasteurized milk because it will spoil. Well this is all good but that can’t be it! No, she said, what fermented vegetables do you eat? I don’t eat that kind of stuff. Will you live longer if you do? I believe this to be true, just ask any alternative medicine Doctor or my grandmother. There are many things you can do like drinking plenty pure water, and not eating processed food. What! Everything is processed, isn’t it? No not all of it. You can find good food if you shop around. Read labels on food you buy, if you don’t know what an ingredient is why would you eat it? How about your lifestyle, do you get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night? Over 50% of Americans do not so how can your body repair itself.

Think about what food you ate just this week. Was it wholesome and nutritious? Were you on the run and ate too much? Think about it, you wouldn’t put sugar water in the gas tank of your car because it was cheaper than gasoline would you. Of coarse not, the car wouldn’t run very well if at all. So why do we put stuff into our system that only can harm us and slow down new cell production. Our bodies produce millions of cells every day and get rid of the same amount, we hope! What happens when we start accumulating bad or sick cells and don’t replace them? What happens to your car engine if you don’t change the oil? It wears out fast and will breakdown or for the human body, sickness.

It is all your decision whether you choose a long healthy life or a short sick one or maybe a longer sick one. The miracle of the human body to repair itself after a cut is amazing! It can fix all things that attack it if it has the right fuel. So if you eat junk you will end up in the junk yard and don’t complain when you are sick because usually sickness or good health is up to you.

What do you do well for your body other than nutrition? How about exercise or a good massage. I found that a good workout and then a healthy massage can work wonders on the human body. Metabolic waste can build up in the muscle tissue and massage can loosen and release it back into your system for disposal. Not to mention the relaxing effects on the central nervous system. If you have never had a massage I would strongly recommend you get one and do it every month. I also would say that chiropractic adjustments keep the nerve pathways clear in the spine. This will improve the healing ability of the body. Imagine a bare wire on your cable TV, you will have a fuzzy picture because of the external static interference

Like I said it is all up to you and the time to implement some change is now! Otherwise it will be too late too soon.


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