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Living My Perfect Life

Updated on August 30, 2012

What is a perfect life?

Is there such thing as a perfect life?

Every person has a perfect life unique to him/her. What may be perfect for me is not necessarily perfect for anyone else; whether you agree or disagree is not important. Opinions have no place in a Universe where everything in this whole ecosystem is predestined by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and more Universal and Natural Laws.

Just like the Law of Gravity where, as an example, when you throw anything up it would surely comes back down. Such is one example of the millions of Universal Laws that govern an individual life and all lives in general.

Life can only be perfectly fulfilling when one lives the perfect life that is unique to him. But sad to say that per survey in all areas of life, 99.99% of the whole world's population are incapable of seeing much less experiencing the perfect life that is intended for each uniquely, in the individual level.

Given the preceding statement, it sounds that nobody needs a perfect life. People define and study comprehensively success, happiness and the likes whether scientifically, theoretically, philosophically, by "trial-and-error", for what? Is it just to know and philosophize or theorize? Why not just live your own perfect life?

So what then is a perfect life? The answer is for you to discover. The only rule is: Live the life that is unique to you...well find it first; start from within yourself, it's just there. Believe it or not, your choice.

Life is like a flower

"Life is like a flower, it blooms as the sun rises but it withers at the end of the day."

Needless to say, each of us is in this life for a predestined span of time. No one knows exactly when he is going back to the "Creator" to Mother Earth...or to the "Unknown"; but all of us know that the day comes as surely as the sun rises in the morning and hides at the end of the day.

Given this premise, we can see that to have this individual life is a privilege or a gift rather than a right.

What are you doing with your life? This gift? This privilege? Do you take care and develop it into its natural perfection? Or do you mess everything so that you are now living in the complicatedly entangled labyrinth hence not really living the life intended for you?

Life means living, not mere existing. Living the life is its maturity and perfection. Maturity and perfection bear excellent fruits in various areas of one's life.

On the other hand, mere existing is stupidly following what is right in front of him and what pleases the senses in a momentary basis; also trying to pleasure himself in a temporal yet potentially leading to the messy and entangled life.

Politicians, professionals, authorities, church people, beggars, all sorts of people alike are sadly in this state of entanglements.

My perfect life

I live my perfect life with the following strategies;

1. I know my potentials; by just discovering my potentials is by itself an endless lifelong effort.

2. I establish my potentials as the foundation and basis for creating a framework that I religiously fill in towards the achievement of any goals that I have created in any given situation and stage of my life.

3. I developed my intuition, respect it and trust it then follow it sincerely in any given time and situation of my life.

4. I keep my eyes open for opportunities that fit my potentials, desires and dreams; I create opportunities if I don't find it in my present environment.

5. I check my desires, goals, dreams, plans, strategies, and the likes. Evaluate their validity, sincerity, quality as to whether they are destructive or creative and productive, negative or positive and so forth.

6. I trust myself fully and no amount of suggestions from anyone can defy the dictates of my intuition; I cannot be persuaded to do anything that detract from my life's perfect direction and I kick out any foolishness and entanglements that will lead to a problematic life.

To elaborate each of these principles would mean writing volumes of books. Living my perfect life is living consciously in a moment by moment basis and foreseeing those elements in life that don't belong to me. I know what I want for myself and I surely get it exactly as I want, in fact better. The only rule is; I only live the life that is intended for me according to my natural potentials.

Everybody is born complete with potentials to live his unique perfect life. Yet, almost everybody dies a perfect xerox copy of all the miseries and entanglements of one another in a given environment and culture.


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