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Living With Anorexia

Updated on December 10, 2015

Millions of people around the world suffer with body image issues, boys and girls alike. In the current era, in which the media has a corrupted idea of what beauty is and a nonexistent spectrum of representation for developing youth, mental illnesses pertaining to body shape and size have integrated themselves into a large percentage of adolescents in the nation. The world has not yet properly acknowledged the mental aspects of the illness, so here are a few ways you can cope with issues pertaining to Anorexia/

Vitamins and Healthy Pills

I cannot stress enough how much vitamins will do for you in the long run. Vitamins will help your body to function on a day to day basis. Your body needs nutrients to survive and grow. This illness really can take a toll on your body. Your hair can get really thing and your bones can even grow weak, make you brittle and somewhat fragile. Biotin and Keratin are good for hair, skin, and nails. Calcium is good for bone strength and teeth. You also would do well to invest in vitamin A, B, and folic acid. Someday, on the road to recovery, you will understand the damaging effects and hopefully want to repair them. Vitamins and supplements will make it that much easier, and it does not hurt to keep yourself looking healthy.

Organize Your Life

Sometimes when have anorexia nervosa, you tend to not have control over your life, so you control what your own body in a detrimental way. Take charge of your life in every way you know how. If you need to change your circle of friends, then do it. If you need to take some time away from social media, then throw your phone out the window right this moment. Take back what's yours so that the little voice in your head cannot take over. If your family or friends are the people who make you feel as if you have no control, then it is time you indulge in deep conversation because you are who you are and they can never change that.

Everything in Moderation

People with body issues tend to develop the idea of all or nothing. This is never the case in life, everything in life has a balance and this balance will get you to you goals in life. It is a very simple thought process that if you start to incorporate in your everyday life, it will be ingrained into your being. Exercising is a great thing, but your body needs time to rest. Your body needs sugars, and salts to thrive. Too much will cause weight gain or high blood pressure. Too little will cause glucose deficiency and hyponatremia. Life is all about having an equal distribution of everything. Take that into account and healing will be easier.

Love Yourself

People do not understand what it means to love themselves. It is not only taking care of your body by putting in the right things, it actually means to love yourself as you would a friend or a lover. When you love someone, you spend your entire life making them feel loved, and getting closer to them. Take the time it takes to get to know yourself, what makes you happy and relaxed. Build a relationship with yourself instead of passive judgement. This takes time as it does take time to build a friendship. Write down a mantra that you can repeat to yourself in the mirror everyday. Your mantra should leave room for improvement as well as flaws. A good mantra is "I am only human, but I'll be the best human version of me", which is just letting yourself know that it is okay to be flawed because there is not a person who walks this earth that does not have a flaw. Speaking things into the universe will make them true, and soon the positivity will shine through you.

One Step at a Time

It is a long journey to recovery, and no one ever fully heals. Never be forced to believe that it is all in your head, or that you can snap out of something as heinous as an eating disorder. Misguided people will dismiss it, and if you are reaching out for help, look for a well educated professional who can put you on the right track. The scars will last a lifetime, but there is a better place to get to. Once in awhile you will slip up, but acknowledging those slip up will keep you from falling back into that dark place.

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