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Living a Healthy Lifestyle: A Matter of Personal Decision

Updated on February 27, 2013

Cardiovascular Disease and its Hidden Risk Factors

Cardiovascular disease (CVD), or heart disease, is the top claimant of human lives. In fact, statistics show that around 17 million people throughout the world succumb to the disease every year. Most of these deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes.

Although tobacco consumption, smoking, physical inactivity, and unhealthy diet have been identified as the common causes of CVD, many people fail to prevent its occurrence. Perhaps it’s because there are some hidden factors that they may still be unaware of. Recent studies have found that heart attacks and strokes can be due to these unexplored factors:

Deficiency in Vitamin D. This sunshine vitamin plays a very significant role in a variety of chronic health conditions. Studies show that there is, indeed, an association between vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular ailment and CVD risk factors like metabolic syndrome, hypertension, peripheral arterial disease, and diabetes. It may hasten or aggravate conditions of osteopenia, muscle weakness, cardiovascular diseases, fractures, osteoporosis, autoimmune ailments, common cancers, and infectious diseases.

Too much television viewing. Scientists warned that too much time spent watching television has significant influence on people’s blood sugar and blood fats. Those who spend more than four hours in front of a television set have an increased risk of acquiring heart conditions sooner or later in life.

Complications during pregnancy. A pregnant woman usually experiences some changes to her heart and blood vessels, which may add stress to her body and heightens the usual capacity of her heart. If she already has an existing heart condition, such changes may exacerbate her risk for complications during this period. Likewise, there are also cases when a heart or blood vessel problem is discovered only during the pregnancy. Therefore, she should be careful with these symptoms that could lead to heart attack or stroke: bleeding during her third trimester; acquiring diabetes due to pregnancy, and; bearing an unusually small baby.

Inadequate oral hygiene. There is more to oral hygiene than physical enhancement. It has been proven that people suffering from gum diseases are more likely to suffer from heart attack or stroke because the germs and bacteria that cause gum disease can negatively affect the blood vessels.

It is better to take preventive measures now than to be sorry later.


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