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Living as an Alcoholic

Updated on March 9, 2015

Hello and welcome to my page which deals primarily with living as an alcoholic and the ups and downs of chronic abuse. I myself have suffered with being a chronic alcoholic for 11 years and have experienced all the pain that it can bring, not just to myself but to relatives, friends and work colleagues.

I began drinking heavily at the age of 18 and throughout my drinking career have been hospitalised countless times and ended up with many health issues. I suppose the purposes of this hub is to share some of my experience and information with others in the hope that maybe it might enlighten and help those that are suffering or provide a bit more insight to the family members that it affects so badly.

Over the coming posting posts I will explain what it’s like living as an alcoholic and go into detail on a lot of the symptoms, withdrawals and health issues associated with alcohol abuse.


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