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Self Awareness

Updated on February 3, 2011

Awareness by Anthony De Mello in Amazon Books

Anthony De Mello - Awareness

Anthony DeMello explains the human condition the way a great storyteller does when he captures his audience. You cannot put the book down because it speaks to a part of you that lies buried under a pile of old conditioning and outdated limiting beliefs. His stories creep past the critical filter and plant bombs in the subconscious that really do have the effect of waking you up to the truth. Not just what you believe to be true but truth like you have never experienced before. De Mello is not saying anything different to what all the wise men have been telling us for thousands of years but it is unique in that we are hearing an old message that is as true today as it was 5000 years ago but from a man who speaks the language of the soul. A true modern day soul whisperer. An Indian Jesuit who speaks like a Buddhist monk. What an amazing combination! Following is my way of explaining the enormous positive impact that this book has had on me. I hope it gives a flavour for what you too might expect to gain from the De Mello awarenss experience.

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My awareness

Every experience you have ever had is stored in your mind. Each experience you have is filed away so when you have it again your mind can do a cross check with similar experiences and file that too. This is how your mind has been making sense of the world you inhabit and keeping you safe. As you get older the probability of having experiences dissimilar to ones you have already had becomes less and less probable. In fact the older you become the less you want to leave your comfort zone and the more entrenched you become.

You probably don’t remember when your mind took your experience of a leaf and clumped it into a file so from that day onwards a leaf was just a leaf like all other leaves. However up until that point just before it became filed, a leaf was unique and wondrous. Your mind has done that with everything in your world to keep you safe and to make cross checking more effective. The price you have paid for your security is awareness.

Your world is so efficiently filed that you don’t see the miracle of life anymore. A leaf is just a leaf like every other leaf and this very process that creates our belief system is also responsible for how we can justify committing atrocities against our fellow man. Once you label a man by his colour or his religion he becomes just another black man or just another Moslem in your mind and you stop seeing his uniqueness.

Wake Up!

You are unique

There has never been another you in this world from the beginning of time and there will never again be another you on this planet. You are unique. Nobody could do a better job of being you than you. You are so special and vital to life and your existence has so much significance that you are still living and doing what you do best...being YOU! Your thinking stands in the way of how you feel. Stop thinking and start feeling before it is too late. Enough filing now and time to be a child once again and appreciate the simple things in life that once you held in awe. You are safe and the universe supports you. Your thoughts create the prison you hide in so use the key you hold in your mind to free yourself. You are the highest authority in your own life ... so claim your authority. Be confident, your self esteem depends on the way you direct your awareness.

A thought is like a bird that flies across the sky. It leaves no mark on the sky but when you follow the thought your mind moves with the energy of the thought. Would you board a train not knowing its destination? Then why would you board a thought bound for unhappiness and misery. It is your choice and always has been. Free yourself from the beliefs you hold fast about yourself and the world you live in and life becomes a game again. Your mind is yours. Your mind is a tool for you to use but something has gone wrong. The dog is now walking the master.

The connection between dreams and awareness

My dreams have sometimes spoken to me and I had one such dream many years ago. I went to bed asking my dream for advice about how I could resolve some problems that required my immediate attention. In the dream I was shown a field covered in snow and I was invited to examine the scene. I noticed that there were two types of prints in the snow. White prints and black prints. A voice then asked me,” Why does a swan leave white prints in the snow while other birds leave black ones”. I thought about it carefully and while still dreaming I decided that the reason was something to do with the weight of the birds. I felt that the reason that the other birds’ prints were black was because their feet sank through to the ground. But in the dream I also realised that my reasoning was flawed because the swan is much bigger and heavier than other the birds and logically its feet should have sunk to the ground too. With me puzzling over this contradiction the conversation ended at that point and I went on to have another dream.

When I woke up the next morning I felt that on one level the dream was telling me not to get too bogged down with such things and not to be unduly worried. But on another level it was telling me that we are all as beautiful, elegant and majestic as swans and no matter what burdens we choose to carry if we live our lives majestically then we will not sink.

This dream is as important an event in my subconscious life as any in my conscious life and continues to influence my waking life. This dream continues to remind me to live in the present with awareness.

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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      Yes, I agree. You may be aware of the saying "All roads lead to Rome" well I see religion as a sign post pointing to God so all roads lead to God. The problem is that some people get stuck at the sign post and believe the sign post to be the destination! Thank you for the visit and thoughtful comment.

    • profile image

      Rahi Santhanam 6 years ago

      Such simplicity in communication and such depth in the empowering. That a Jesuit speaks like a Buddhist just goes to show that at the end of the day ALL religions are same in their essence...we have learned to speak with forked tongues. With gratitude to De Mello...RIP.

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you RealHousewife. We all spend most of our time in trance. This not necessarily a bad thing as long as we know how to wake up when we need to.Trouble is many people are not aware that they are living in a trance state operating on auto pilot most of the time. I can see this hub made you think and that is a good result.

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      I love the message and think it is very meaningful. We are all unique.after watching the video my first thought was, I hope that I am awake! I think my life is pretty good:)!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      I fully agree with you Garry. We will never know the answer to those questions you pose but one thing is for sure he has made many people wake up and continues to do so through his books long after his death.

    • Garry Bannister profile image

      Garry Bannister 6 years ago from Éire

      De Mello not only speaks like a Buddhist monk as you suggest, but his philosophy is the very essence of Buddhism. I could never see where the 'Jesuit' bit came in. When he spoke about his Christian faith, it always sounded to me like rather dubious unconvincing window-dressing. I often wondered and still do, why he did not come "out of his closet". The Catholic Church has disowned him quietly while Buddhists have vociferously embraced him since his untimely death. Was he perhaps trying to inject some reason into the recalcitrant teachings of frozen dogma? Or perhaps he was merely offering a little light and food for thought to those who could never hope to abandon the chains of their childhood indoctrination?