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Living well, doing right, living long

Updated on October 5, 2015

Regard other people, in the same Light, that you want to be regarded.

If you have high regards for other people, more often than not, other people will have high regards for you. The good feelings that are associated with this kind of thinking, and with this kind of living, plays into helping you to live a long, healthy life. Trust me. Most of the really old people that I have known in my life had this kind of approach to life and to living well. They love themselves and they love other people the same.

Sometimes I find it difficult talking on and writing on this subject matter because it seems so much like "basic common sense." But like my granddad used to say, "common sense ain't common" (please over-look the bad grammar). He was correct. That one grandpa, my step-father's father, lived to be 96 years old. That's pretty old, really. He practiced measuring out kindness and "doing unto others as he would have them do unto him." This behavior helped him to live a long life.

Eating carefully, sleeping well and exercising one's body (and mind) does help one to live a long life however. Much has been written on these issues and it is easy to find resources, books or whatever, on these topics.

The lady pictured in this hub was 105 year old when this picture was taken. She is much older that this now, or maybe she "has gone the way of all the earth," already. Regardless, she lived a full life, she had a lot of joy in her life, and I am thinking that she had no regrets about how she lived her life. She lived it to the fullest.

Seldom do I write discourses this short but I am going to close here. Remember what I have said, right thinking and right behavior helps one to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. This has been a short teaching but "you can take it to the bank." God bless you.

A living image of a healer
A living image of a healer


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