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Living with Aging

Updated on May 5, 2011

Aging, you are not alone

How You live Now Could Effect How Well You Age

This article is certainly for persons who are still young or under age 55 or 50. Lots of people do not think about aging but if you expect to live you know that you will age and have the problems that go along with it. Now while you are still young and active is the time to take control of how you handle aging.

Taking Charge of Your Health

You may have read my article on taking care of your health in which I imphasize that you need proper rest, exercise, good nutrition, a balanced life with good friends, activities, and sound thinking. Dealing with emotions as well as physical needs can make a difference in how well you age.

Psychological Needs

Don't feel bad about things that you need to do to help you feel better about yourself if they are safe to do. Things such as facelifts, treatments to fill in shrinkage around your face, wrinkles and so fourth. Just make sure your money is well spent using safe Doctors, treatments products that are safe and do what they claim to do, and also getting recomendations from your doctor about use of products and surgical procedures.

Acceptance and Acknowledgement

Being willing to come to terms with aging is a major step in aging well and gracefully. Forming suppport groups that help you deal with things associated with aging, getting involved in social actibities that form bonds and allow good fellowship can increase how you feel about youself. Talking things over with your children about how to hande upcoming situations that may have to be delt with not only in death but in the onset of illness, or injury is important.

Geting Proper Medical Care as you Age.

Talking with your doctor candidly about your problems will help you get the best care. If you are not happy with your doctor find one that you can work with. There is a new type of medical care which is developed to treat and better help our aging population. These doctors are called Geriatric Practicianers. They work with you in developing treatment plans that best meet your needs. They know how to not overprescribe medications and will attend to your most urgent needs with medicine that will not complicate orhter problems or cause other problems or at least lesson the severity of new problems. While this may not be available everywhere it is a new way of treating the aged and hopefully will grow.

Choosing a Good Nursing Facility

You and your spouse and children will want to choose a good nursing home baed on your level of ability or one that can cope with progressive changes in your condition.

What Can Other People do to Help?

Frequently checking on your elderly friends and loved ones as well as making regular nursing home visits, sometimes unanounced will help cut down on neglect and abuse.

Aging is something we will all have to cope with and getting a head start on it now will help you and your loved ones to make it as dignified as it can be.


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