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Living with Type Two Diabetes

Updated on January 2, 2011

Let'sControl Diabetes

Personal Management of Diabetes

First of all lthis article is for people who have control of their type two diabetes. There is no such thing as a borderline diabetic. Either you have it or you don't. The inclination to do something as natural as eating is probobly one of the most dangerous things facing a person trying to stay in control of his type two diabetes. Inspite of the facts that Diabetes, no matter what type, can cause blindness, major organ failure, severe nerve damage, and eventual death, people are still tempted to ignore what their health professionals tell them. Learning what foods to eat and in the proper amounts will help you get on the right track toward staying healthy. Eating fish and chicken in the prescribed amout by your doctor along with healthy vegitables will help you maintain a healthy life style. Proper exercise and sleep will also help you maintain a healthy sugar level. In some cases maintaining your proper body weight will allow you to not have to use medication. I strongly advise that you only talk to your doctor about anything discussed here in this article. Another one of the hardest things that you will do is resist eating what your family and friends are eating. Even when you are offered things and told that you worry too much and you are just over reacting it is up to you to understand your situation. Where will your friends be if you are in a coma or suffering from a wound that won't heal leading to serious life threatening infections and amputation. If your friends and family care about you they will come to accept your situation. Most of all you must care about you and your situation. Maintaining the right attitude, staying within limits and guidelines, managing weight, eating habits as well as sleep habits, interacting with people, stress, and chiding from others will make a difference in living a long healthy life as a type two diabetic. In addition to this if you should develop other health problems or need surgery it is a fact that these situations such as treatment and proper healing could be of a real benefit to you. Lastly joing a support group will give you the support you need as well. Diabetes is a national empidemic and you are not alone. Also advising your friends, relatives, and people willing to listen to you abide by these same guidelines will stave off the possibility of them becoming a type two diabetic.

Eating Healthy


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