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Living With a Child With Autism

Updated on May 27, 2017

Daughter that is Autistic

Many believe think they know so much about Autism but do really know? As a mother I thought I did know kids or adults with Autism or what the disability really was about. However, when I was told that my daughter was Autistic that is when I learned so much more about it.

Autism is a brain disorder that limits a person's ability to communicate and relate to other people. It first appears in young children, who fall along a spectrum from mild to severe. Some people can navigate their world, some have exceptional abilities, while others struggle to speak. Autism spectrum disorders affect about one child in 68, striking nearly five times as many boys as girls.

Before a child turns three, careful observers can see signs of autism. Some children develop normally until 18-24 months old and then stop or lose skills. Signs Autism:

  • Repeated motions (rocking or spinning)
  • Avoiding eye contact or physical touch
  • Delays in learning to talk
  • Repeating words or phrases
  • Getting upset by minor changes

When my daughter was about 2 years old she really did not have many skills such as fine motor, or verbal. That is when me and my husband became curious and thought well maybe she just a little slow or behind. She was born early and had some other issues at birth so we thought that may have set her back. However, I decided to ask her doctor more and he also thought it would not hurt to have her looked at from a specialist point of view. So we decided OK that be a good idea where we live there is a children's hospital that have doctor's that specialize in that field. These doctors observed her doing activities and watched to see what she was able to do or could not.

Then about a hour or so after this appointment was over these doctors set and discussed what they have observed then we came back in the room and they had told us that she fell in the line of Autism. The doctors told us they were very surprised about our state or opinion once we were told this. I am one of those parents that when I am told my children need extra help I want to do everything to help them. These doctors told us they have had parents get mad and tell them that there nothing wrong with their child .

My husband and I started asking lots of questions about how we can help her grow and be as normal as possible. I was very impressed that right away the Autism center started to have specialist come to our home and start working with us and her. At the age of four she was in preschool with the special learning class and also got a lot extra speech therapy as I said before she was non verbal however when she turned five her voice began to turn on. At first when she started school it was very hard on me as a mother because she screamed many times she did not like to go to school like many kids when they first go. Then she began to love school she even remember what school she went to and would want to go even on days she did not have school.

School has helped my daughter so much that her fine motor skills and other skills took off. I am told all the time by her teachers that she wants to learn so much that she impresses them. She has really impressed me and my husband I am so proud of her that I will do anything I need to help her grow and learn. She is about to be 6 years old and she is a such a different little girl from when we found out she was Autistic.

I hope that from my articles about my daughter and Autism you learn more about the disability and view it at a different level. I believe it is a very hard job to have a child with a disability but when you put your mind and parenting into it sometimes it can get easier over time.

I intend to write more about her life and her growing path so please stay tuned. Thank you and God Bless!


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