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Living with chronic pain?: Tips from someone who knows from first hand experience. Get your pain under control now.

Updated on January 5, 2016
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girlpower lives in the Pacific Northwest. She's an author, a blogger and lives with a man that builds cigar box guitars.

Girlpower and her beloved

Girlpower and her biggest supporter and life mate.
Girlpower and her biggest supporter and life mate. | Source

Chronic Pain Wears You Out: Get Help Now

I have been living with chronic back pain for over 8 years and I have some advice to other people who have the same problem. There is help out there and only you can be your own self advocate and get some advice from the experts.

Your primary Dr has tried everything, you've gone to Physical Therapy, you've tried chiropractors, acupuncture, holistic medicine and nothing seems to touch it.

Now is the time to ask your primary Dr. to send you to a pain specialist. Its the best thing I ever did after suffering for nearly a year. I was on Vicodin and it wasn't touching the pain, in fact when i told the pain specialist how many I was taking a day he immediately took me off it.

He then gave me time released Morphine Sulfate or Kadian 30mg time released. It was the best solution and I look back on it as giving my life back to me. Within hours of taking my first dose I was out of bed and back to living my life. It took the pain away 23 hours of the day, of course the hour before I need my daily dose I was starting to feel the full brunt of the pain but after I took the dose within an hour it was back to helping take the edge off.

The Pain Game. Learn to play it well. And distraction helps

Getting yourself out of pain is the first thing you can do to give yourself your life back. Once that is taken care of then you start to live.

Movement is essential, doing a daily exercise is imperative, it keeps you in shape, keeps your core strong enough to support the area of your body that is painful. Was painful.

My exercise of choice is an incumbent stationary bike, which is much easier on your back than the type you sit up on the seat. With the incumbent its a scoop seat which stabilizes your back and allows you to just pedal away. I read during my work out, holding the book steady by keeping my arms resting along my body. I keep a wet cool cloth handy and a iced water canteen, and a small fan that really makes a difference. Or you can watch your favorite tv show, news or listen to music. Distract yourself and before i know it my 35 minute exercise is over.

I read in the neurology now that studies showed that distraction and keeping busy is an element to distraction which helps in pain management. I believe this to be true for myself the more i keep active doing things, even chores, the less time I have to focus on my pain.

My second choice for exercise it swimming, we have a wonderful warm water pool in Eugene called the Tamarack Pool, where the water is largely filtered with salt water and a tad of chlorine to satisfy the state regulations. The warm water is heavenly and it takes the weight off of me so I can swim freely. I swim laps for forty minutes and then do some stretches and then just floating on my back reflecting and arriving at Zen. I take the ride source van both ways and make it a big event for me. It gets me out into the world where there are people, places and things which changes things out for me.

So go out there and enjoy life.

Beyond MS: Keep Moving Book by Rosalie Richards

This is a great book for anyone living with chronic pain, for anyone with or without MS. And too boot it includes my video work out that i do every day. So check it out. Below

Lean on me: by Nancy Davis is all about MS and how to outwit pain

Lean on Me: Ten Powerful Steps to Moving Beyond Your Diagnosis and Taking Back Your Life
Lean on Me: Ten Powerful Steps to Moving Beyond Your Diagnosis and Taking Back Your Life

This book was the first book i read and was so glad i did. Nancy Davis understands how Multiple Sclerosis can be dealt with.



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