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Living with mild hypothermia. The search for warmth and energy

Updated on December 10, 2010

Hello people, This is my story of living with a cold body temperature, mild hypothermia. The body's temperature can also change due to sudden shock, stress, diet, drug abuse or alcohol its not always just the weather.

There are three levels of hypothermia, Signs and Symptoms:

Mild Hypothermia 99º - 97ºF Normal, shivering can begin 97º - 95ºF Cold sensation, goose bumps, unable to perform complex tasks with hands, shiver can be mild to severe, hands numb.

Moderate Hypothermia 95º - 93ºF Shivering, intense, muscle incoordination becomes apparent, movements slow and labored, stumbling pace, mild confusion, may appear alert. Use sobriety test, if unable to walk a 30 foot straight line, the person is hypothermic.

93º - 90ºF Violent shivering persists, difficulty speaking, sluggish thinking, amnesia starts to appear, gross muscle movements sluggish, unable to use hands, stumbles frequently, difficulty speaking, signs of depression, withdrawn.

Severe Hypothermia 90º - 86ºF Shivering stops, exposed skin blue of puffy, muscle coordination very poor, inability to walk, confusion, incoherent/irrational behavior, but may be able to maintain posture and appearance of awareness

86º - 82ºF Muscle rigidity, semiconscious, stupor, loss of awareness of others, pulse and respiration rate decrease, possible heart fibrillation

82º - 78ºF Unconscious, heart beat and respiration erractic, pulse may not be palpable

78º - 75ºF Pulmonary edema, cardiac and respiratory failure,death. Death may occur before this temperature is reached.

As you can see this is quite a dangerous state for a body to be subjected to, some causes of the body to start losing temperature are:

Low ambient temperature, Wind chill - increases rate of loss of body heat dramatically, Low body fat, Moisture - wet skin freezes at a higher temp than dry, Poor insulation, Contact with metal or supercooled liquids (white gas), Exposed skin, Previous cold injuries, Constricting garments, Local pressure, Cramped position, Body type, Dehydration, Women do better in cold than men (greater subcutaneous body fat), Caloric intake, Diabetes, some medication, Alcohol, Caffeine, nicotine

There are many ways to lose body temperature as shown above, and the more of these you can protect yourself from the better the chances you will stand against losing heat and energy.

When we are born we have different levels of energy depending on our familys history, its needless to say that if your mother or father had a long history of poor diet, drug abuse or alcoholism, you would have less healthy genes, which in turn will cause your body to be more open to dis-ease such as this topic and many more. We also have to be aware of our parents past generations as they could of been the cause of lost genes.

When we look back at our family's history it is also good to take note of how many siblings the previous family's had as this could also play a great factor in how the family consumed there energy.

There is a problem in nature when family's have to many children, due to lack of food and warmth, if the family is poor or in a environment where its hard to maintain good heating and healthy food, then the youngest or weakest of the breed suffer due to competition for food/energy/attention/warmth.

Humans tend to be able to only have the energy to support one child, this is why it is good to have two children in a normal dual relationship. problems usually occur when the balance of nature is tipped when the family breaks up or over breeds, it leads to the competition mentioned above..

The body is a amazing machine able to rebuild itself given the right tools, my goal is to share what i have learnt and show people a different way to gain energy and warmth, that is why i bring you my hard earned knowledge on these hubs for you to share and help anyone you may suspect of having these sorts of symptoms, its a growing trend to burn our energy and drink and use drugs for an instant boost, we do it more to keep warm and some get excessive weight problems, trying to shield the core body parts from the cold environment. Its the teenagers i worry about with these growing weather changes and spending longer outside, i fear they are at risk from feelings i felt as a youngster, its widespread and a great cause for concern as they don't realise until its to late as it slowly disables the body and mind, please share this.

 I had a stuggle with these conditions for most of my life, if your interested on how i have learnt to over come them i have a series of hubs explaining my knowledge on this subject, i hope it helps. For further reading on ways to gain energy can be found on my profile: Bubbleboy2233 in the top right had corner of this page.

This hub was longer, but i broke it into two due to the other being more personal and possibly off the point, you can find it under the title of: 

My story of loss of energy and how i regained my strength.

love life live long xxx


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