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London Bikram Yoga

Updated on March 2, 2012

London Bikram Yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga has taken the world by storm. Originated in the US by founder Bikram Choudhury in San Francisco. You can find many Bikram Hot Yoga studios all over the United States. Now Bikram Yoga has taken over in Europe. One of the countries in Europe that has taken on this type of yoga is London. Although London is a big city you don't have to travel far to get to a Bikram studio. You can choose up to 10 Bikram Hot Yoga studios spread throughout London. For those new to hot yoga, Bikram Hot Yoga is the most popular style of hot yoga out there.

New to Bikram Hot Yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga evolved from traditional Hatha yoga. Consists of 26 yoga positions within 90 minutes. The standing exercises last for an hour followed up with the last 30 minutes doing floor exercises. The room is typically heated to 105°F (≈ 40.6°C) with humidity of 40%. If it's your first time going I recommend staying away from any heaters and place yourself towards the back of the room close to a door where it's not as hot. The teacher will recommend you try to stick it out for the entire 90 minutes. If feeling faint or dizzy just kneel or lie on your back. Don't force yourself to do all the positions and bring plenty of water. You can also check out what other forms of hot yoga is available in London. I have been to other yoga hot studios heated as low as 85°F (≈ 29.4°C) These other hot yoga studios are an ideal place to start with if your concerned Bikram yoga is too hot? Once you get use to the heat you can later try the hotter Bikram studios.

Visiting London

Chances are that you will be able to get to a Bikram Yoga studio in London if your planning a visit. There really is no need to plan your stay around a nearby Bikram yoga studio because you have 10 locations spread throughout london to choose from. The London areas you can choose from are Clapham, Camden Town, Chalk Farm, Hoxton, Parsons Green, Fulham, Fitzrovia, Balham, Bethnal Green, Westminster and Queens Park. With more than adequate transportation services in London like the tube, taxi's and plenty of available busses to get you to your Bikram yoga london studio in no time.

If your new to Bikram hot yoga or just visiting London and looking for a studio to practice, you have many to choose from. Tourists do not need to worry if the Bikram studios are different in Europe. They are all the same with slight variations. You can count on all the studios to teach the standard 26 positions and heated studios at a minimum of 105°F (≈ 40.6°C). If you live in London I would recommend trying out a few studios to see which environment you like best. Maybe there is a teacher that you really connect to or you like the members and the design of a certain studio? I chose a Bikram Yoga Hot studio that has plenty of showers so I would not wait in line after class. Rest assured as a London resident or a visitor you can get your hot yoga fix at many locations without travelling far.


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