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Long Term Effects of High Blood Pressure

Updated on December 7, 2012

High Blood Pressure Causes

Monitor blood pressure closely
Monitor blood pressure closely | Source
High blood pressure causes and high blood pressure effects
High blood pressure causes and high blood pressure effects | Source

What Are the Long Term Effects of High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure also goes by the name hypertension and is a common health condition which kills in large numbers. It has been dubbed the silent killer for the sole reason that it is often until late before people come to discover that they have the condition. High blood pressure is a lifestyle disease which continues to ravage large numbers of the population mainly as a result of the choices made through life. Sedentary lifestyles mean that people do not at all engage in any form of exercise and the continued consumption of processed foods are one side of the problem. The other side is that of predisposing conditions like diabetes and obesity which are associated with high blood pressure.

Understading High Blood Pressure

Hypertension can be described as the force or pressure of blood in the arteries which stands at or exceeds 140/90 mmHg. It is recommended that for any such reading that a doctor is consulted so as the condition is managed. The diagnosis of high blood pressure is made after several consecutive readings that indicate presence and type of the condition. The long term effects of high blood pressure are devastating and many body organs are affected. For any disease condition, prevention is emphasized rather than management of the problem when it has already crept in.

Normal and High Blood Pressure measurements in Adults (in mmHg)

Blood Pressure Category
Systolic level
Diastolic level
less than 120
less than 80
High Blood Pressure-Stage 1
-Stage 2
above 160
above 100
Take note of the High Blood pressure levels and measurements

Manifestation and Long Term Effects of High Blood Pressure

The prominent long term effects of high blood pressure include stroke which is a deadly condition claiming so many lives each passing year. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel raptures in the brain causing bleeding. Secondly, a stroke can occur if a blood clot gets to the arterioles causing a blockage. High blood pressure will cause hardening of the arteries in organs like the brain, the kidneys and the heart overworking the heart. Chest pains are common and they are as a result of poor oxygen flow. Still on the heart, high blood pressure causes congestive heart failure due to failed pumping action. Deposition of cholesterol within the arteries will also lead to atherosclerosis. Hypertension afflicts vision often causing bleeding of arteries in the eyes which eventually cause blurred vision or total blindness. Since kidneys are getting overworked, there is always the likelihood of kidney failure and disease. Another problem will be noted at the joints where tendons and joints will be inflamed, very sore and painful due to the buildup of uric acid and cholesterol on the joints. High blood pressure in men carries an even bigger risk in that it affects their sex life and blood sugar levels.

Understanding High Blood Pressure

Keep Away High Blood Pressure through Healthy Living

Having learned of these effects of high blood pressure it is important that everybody works towards leading healthy life. Good bodily health starts by setting out the kind of life you want to lead. Incorporate exercise to daily life, manage stressful conditions, eat healthy foods and maintain healthy body weight to keep away high blood pressure. Other natural remedies to hypertension are limiting the intake of sodium, caffeine, alcohol intake and the use of tobacco. These listed substances precipitate the occurrence of high blood pressure and therefore should be totally avoided or consumed in moderation.

Monitoring Mitigates High Blood Pressure Effects

Additionally, continually monitor blood pressure to know the state of the body and to inform actions to be taken to keep blood pressure levels within the healthy bracket. It is important to prevent high blood pressure if an individual is healthy and it is equally important to manage the condition through these methods to sustain high quality of life. Quality of life transcends health, financial and emotional aspects; be sure to enjoy them all through healthy living free of high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure

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