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Longevity and Wellness Centers

Updated on May 11, 2011

Wellness Centers

I have enjoyed good health and positive lifestyle through help from a couple of alternative medical and wellness centers in Arizona and California. The better organizations have medical doctors on staff and emphasize a total approach to good health through nutrition, supplementation and life style.

The normal approach by the centers that I have visited is to start a patient with a comprehensive series of blood, urine and other physical tests to determine the basic health and condition of the patient before starting a custom made wellness program tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Once the results of the tests are at hand, the doctor lays out a plan to address the nutritional, hormonal, supplemental, exercise and other life style modifications to help the patient become and live healthier. Initially, these tests may be repeated every six months. However, once the results of the tests stabilize, the frequency may change to once a year. 

Following is a list of some centers around the country. I have personal (and positive) experience with Watson Wellness, Whitaker Wellness Center and Kronos. I have no affiliation with any of these organizations. I just would like to live as healthy and enjoyable a life for as long as possible.


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      Jason Menayan 11 years ago from San Francisco