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Weight Loss: Looking And Feeling Lighter With Good Posture"

Updated on March 11, 2013

Walk Around Almost Naked

Maybe we should all walk around in our favorite swim suits. It's easy to stick your chest out, pull in your stomach, and put your shoulders back when we think someone may be looking.

It's amazing how when you maintain good posture you actually look and feel pounds lighter. Think about it. There you are and you pass a mirror and what do you see? Is your stomach sticking out? Are your shoulders curved over? Is your rear sticking out? Well, all of these things can add the look of more pounds than you're already carrying. There should be an imaginary line from your earlobe down to the heel of your foot if you're doing this correctly.

Many activities can lead to bad posture. One of the most common now is leaning over a computer when it's on your lap, a low table, or your bed. This can be fixed by deciding that you're not going to use your computer unless your back is straight. You can do this by using a laptop desk or by putting your knees up and resting the computer on a pillow.

When you do sit in a chair with the right table you must also keep your back straight. This does take some getting used to, especiallly if you've had bad posture for a long time. Just stick with it. It will eventually feel normal. You will find that you have less neck and back pain if that was a problem before.

Another benefit of good posture is that if you feel good and look better and lighter you may be inclined to eat better and exercise. So it can have a positive effect on your nutrition and exercise program. It might even lead to weight loss due to the fact that you just feel better.

You don't have to try all of these tricks at once. Just start by pulling your shoulders back for a day and see how it feels. If you like it do it again the next day. Then as you get used to that you can add another posture improving position to your endeavor to look and feel better.

There are ways to help you get started. Wearing a belt the tightest you can without cutting off your breathing capabilities is one thing. Placing a string aroung your waist, tied tightly can help. If you want to use a psychological approach put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it if you feel your posture slipping. Make sure too, that you're looking in a mirror quite a bit while trying to stand straighter. Don't give up on this. It will be your new way of presenting yourself to the world.


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