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No MoreThrush Problem, Stay Healthy

Updated on June 8, 2017



Thrush Is A Common Infection

We shall be able to keep ourselves living healthy and happy, despite the stressful and hectic lives we have. We ought to be able in making the time to look after ourselves well.

  • As women, we tend to find it hard to look after ourselves with all those demands on our time, like kids, work, partners, chores etc.
  • Do you know that just y eating healthy, plenty of fruits and vegetables and having always enough sleep, can help us cope with everyday stress and keep minor infections away.
  • Very often it is not until something goes wrong then we realize we have neglected our health. For instance, in having thrush. Thrush is a common infection, with symptoms including vaginal itching, soreness, inflammation and discharge. There are two different types of thrush, oral and vaginal thrush.
  • Low immunity, illness, feeling generally run down or taking antibiotics, along with other factors such as stress, can really lead to a thrush.
  • It is not surprising that 75 per cent of women suffer with the infection at least once in their lives. And it can be remedied with the right treatment and medication.

It is very important to treat always thrush internally and externally, and use the right products or medication.

Oral Thrush

Thrush also can occur in your mouth and tongue, it happens when a yeast of infection develops in it.

There is a fungus that living in it, calls Candida Albicans Fungus, if the amount is minimum, it is usually safe and not causing harm to your mouth sometime.

But when the fungus begins to grow out of control, then an infection is definitely developing in your mouth.

Usually the oral thrush occurs on toddlers or infants, you can spot a white bumps in their inner cheeks or tongues. And they go away when you make the treatment.

It is a mild kind of infection that usually doesn't cause any complications. But the problem can be a little problem for whomever has a weaker immune system. As infants usually then become irritable, fussy and difficult to be fed.

Same as for the toddlers that have difficulties in swallowing.

As for the women, especially who are doing a breast feeding, be very careful about this. Your breast can be infected with the fungus and you may feel;

  • severe pain during breast feeding
  • shinny skin or flaking on the area around the nipple
  • sensitivity, itching or pain around the nipples
  • piercing pain in the breasts

Whenever your immune system is weakened, there are chances that you could experience this oral thrush.

You may consult your doctor and get the right medications to prevent infections.

Lets Live Healthy

So ladies lets live healthy and keep our body immune always at a good stage by;

  1. Getting active, try to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Walking, swimming and yoga are great for keeping fit.
  2. Hydrating, make sure you drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Aim for about six glasses per day.
  3. Getting the beauty sleep, Wind down with a relaxing bath and avoid caffeine before bedtime. Aim for 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.
  4. Taking time out, whether you paint your nails or read a good book, set aside some time each week that is just for you.
  5. Eating healthy, a well-balanced nutritious diet, based on starchy food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, will help to boost immune system.

A Good Sleep, Highly Important

A good sleep can make a big difference in your life, especially when it is becoming a habit. And in aiming a habit of a good sleep you need to;

  1. Sleep and wake up always at the same time, no exception, even on weekend. This will automatically regulate your body clock and during the night you could sleep better.
  2. Right before you sleep your body and mind should feel relax. Try routinely not to expose your eyes to a bright light before you sleep that may cause stress, excitement or even anxiety that made you difficult in falling asleep in a deeper way.
  3. In the afternoon, you should avoid taking a nap. When you take a nap in the afternoon, most likely you will have trouble in falling asleep during the night, bedtime.
  4. Doing some exercise, It will make your body fit, tired and relax at the same time.
  5. Create a comfortable room atmosphere that you may sleep deeply, without any disturbance of sounds and lights.
  6. Lastly, you need to use the right mattress and pillow, it is one of the most important key to sleep comfortably.


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