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Loose Weight Fast By Yoga

Updated on July 24, 2015

Dhanur Asana

Sarpa Asana

Pawanmukta Asana

Bhujang Asana

Paschitamottanam Asana

Sarvanga Asana

Hala Asana

Nauka Asana

Chakra Asana

Shalabh Asana

10 Best Asanas For Loosing Weight

Asanas are special body postures that are used for doing meditation,pranayama,mudras etc for e.g the simple cross legged sitting posture is known as siddha asana. There are various asanas that are used for higher meditation,spiritual advancements,health gain, curing diseases,postures problem etc. I am going to describe those asanas which are best for reducing weight.

1.Dhanur Asana( Bow pose):
For doing this asana lie down on your belly .Now lift your legs and thighs up ,raise your chest as high as possible and grab your legs from back by your hands to form a bow like posture.In the beginning hold this position for 10-15 seconds and then release your feet.Practice it for 5-10 cycles a day. This is an excellent asana for reducing belly fat and curing back pain.

2.Sarpa asana(Snake pose):
Lie down on your belly and take your hands behind a little above the spine in air parallel to the ground with fingers of both the hands interlocked. Now gradually raise your upper body and legs as hgh as possible, hold this position for a while and then bring it back to the former position. This asana is excellent for reducing weight, improves appetite, strengthens the chest and shoulders .

3.Pawanmukt Asana:
Lie down on your back and slowly raise your both legs straight up. Now bend them from knees so that they rest over your abdomen.Now hug your knees and raise your chest upwards till you feel some pressure on your abdomen. Hold this position for some seconds and then come back to normal position.Practice it for 4 - 5 cycles everyday. This asana helps in reducing the excess weight and cures various stomach related ailments like acidity, constipation,gastric problem etc.

4. Bhujang Asana(cobra or serpent pose):
Lie down on your belly such that your forehead touches the ground.Now place your palm on ground close to your chest and slowly lift your chest by putting pressure on the ground by your palm.This asana is very good for reducing weight and for strengthening the spine and shoulders.

5.Paschitamottanam Asana:
Sit down and stretch your legs straight forward.Now gradually bend forward and stretch your hands such that your nose touches your knees and your hands are able to touch the feet.In the beginning it is difficult to touch the knees by your nose but with regular practice you will be able to do it. Practice it for 5-10 cycles a day.

6.Sarvanga Asana:
Lie down on your back and lift your legs along with your body till your neck upwards by placing your hands under your mid back as a support .In this asana whole weight of the body is concentrated on the head and neck.This asana helps in reducing the belly fat, cures spinal problems and strengthens the upper body. Hold this position for 25-30 seconds and then come to normal position. Practice it for 3-5 cycles daily.

7.Hala Asan (Plow pose):
During sarvanga asana bring your legs downwards such that it goes behind your head and your toes touches the ground.Remove your hands from your back and rest them on the ground.This asana helps in burning the belly fat and strengthens the spine.

8. Nauka Asana(Boat pose):
Sit down and stretch your legs straight forward.Now lift your legs upwards such that they make 45 degree angle with the ground.Place your hands on side of your knees. Your whole body forms a sort of "V" shape.Hold this position for 30-40 seconds and then come back to normal position. This asana helps in burning belly fat and strengthens both lower,upper body.

9.Chakra Asana(wheel pose):
Lie down on your back and bend your knees.Bring your feet close to your hips.Now bend your hands backwords and place your palm on ground near your shoulders. Now lift your body i.e chest,stomach and hips upwards by pressing the ground by your hands and feets.This asana is known as ardha chakra asana or half chakra asana. The full chakra asana is done by doing the archachakra asana while standing. It is a very helpful asana for reducing excess weight and excellent for curing heart diseases.

10.Shalabh Asana(Locust pose):
Lie down on your belly such that your chin is touching the ground and put your hands under your thighs.Now lift both your legs slowly upwards as much as possible.Hold this position for 20-40 seconds and then come back to normal position.This asana is excellent for reducing the excess weight,strengthens the spine and back muscles.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

3 Best Pranayama For Reducing Weight

Pranayama comes from the Sanskrit word "pran" meaning life force and "ayama" which means to draw out . Pranayama is one of the core part of yoga which helps a yogi to get control over his breath. Pranayama helps in various ways like spiritual advancements, improves health, good concentration etc. I have described pranayama with aspect to kundalini awakening in my hub Opening The Chakras-Technique To Higher Meditation.All pranayamas are useful in curing respiratiory problems.Initially do all pranayama for 5 minutes which you can gradually extend everyday. Now I am going to describe the top 10 pranayamas best for reducing excess weight..

1.Kapalbhati Pranayama:
I call kapalbhati pranayama the king of all pranayamas when it comes to loosing weight. Kapalbhati comes from the Sanskrit word "kapal" meaning skull and "bhati" meaning shining.Many have burned their kilos of weight by practicing this pranayama. I highly recommend this pranayama to all those people who really want to reduce their weight through yoga.

Now to practice this pranayama first and foremost sit down on a mat. Rest your hands upon your knees or if you want to do some hand mudra (special spiritual hand gestures),you can also do that.If you don't know about hand mudras you can again visit my hub which I told you above.This step is common for all the pranayamas. Now forcefully exhale all the air out and then perform forceful exhalation while keeping the inhalation normal or passive.In this pranayama whole concentration is put on exhalation.You should not put any force during inhalation.Inhalation process should be autonomous .During each exhalation forcefully exit out all the air from your lungs. Your diaphragm automatically moves upwards.Do not hold your breath during this pranayama i.e it is a continuous process. In beginning do it only for 5 minutes which can be extended gradually everyday. This forceful exhalation burns the fat of the abdomen. Along with this it is a very good pranayama for relaxing whole body, cures diabetes,reduce stress , improves memory,eye sight ,concentration, improves blood and oxygen circulation apart from this it also helps in bringing the blood pressure to normal ,controls hair loss and cures stomach ailments.

2.Bhastrika Pranayama:
Bhastrika pranayama or roaring breathing is also a great pranayama for reducing weight .Bhastrika pranayama is considered one of the major pranayama. With regular practice of bhastrika pranayama one can gradually notice the difference in his weight.

Method: In this pranayama you have to do deep forcible inhalation and deep forcible exhalation .This is a good pranayama that can be done in the beginning of your daily pranayama routine. This pranayama helps in boosting oxygen supply and improves blood circulation inside the body.This pranayama also removes blockages in the nose and chest,cures stomach ailments, improves eyesight,helps in improving appetite.

3.Anulom Vilom:
Anulom vilom or Alternate breathing pranayama is also come under the major pranayamas. Anulom vilom pranayama has shown great results in reducing weight,improving eyesight,bringing blood pressure to normal,curing diabetes etc.I have seen this pranayama recommended for almost every disease.

Method:In this pranayama first exhale out all the air from your lungs.Now close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale from your left nostril .After that close your left nostril with your middle or ring finger and inhale from your right nostril.Then inhale from your same right nostril, close your right nostril and exhale from left nostril.Remember Inhale from the same nostril from which you have exhaled . During this pranayama don't exert any force on your breath rather keep it normal. Your inhalation and exhalation should be in the ratio 1:1.

Surya Mudra

Linga Mudra

Pitta Karak Mudra

3 Best Mudras For Reducing Weight

Mudras are special hand gestures that help in directing the energy to a particular direction in the body. This causes health gain and cures various diseases.Mudras in the beginning can be done for five minutes which can be extended gradually everyday. Each of our finger represents a life element for e.g the thumb represents the fire,the forefinger represents the wind, the middle finger represents the ether ,the ring finger represents the earth , the little finger represents the water. When the tips of the fingers are touched with other finger forming a circuit different level of energies are directed towards specific parts in body which helps in curing various diseases and also helps in loosing excess weight.These mudras can also be done during prnayama to boost the effect.

1.Surya Mudra:
It is done by bending your ring finger so that it touches the root of thumb . Now press down your ring finger by putting your thumb over it. This is called surya mudra.This mudra increases fire element in the body which helps in burning the excess fat . It is also useful for controlling the cholesterol level.

2.Ling Mudra:
This mudra is done by interlocking fingers of both hands with each other but keeping the left thumb straight pointing upwards. This mudra helps in increasing fire element inside the body which helps in burning fat and also useful for curing cold and cough.

3.Pitta karak Mudra:
Pitta karak mudra comes from Sanskrit word "pitta" meaning fire and "karak" meaning causing/increasing. This mudra is done by bending the ring and little finger such that they touches the root of thumb and then gently pressing both the fingers by placing your thumb over them.This mudra again helps in increasing the fire element in the body which burns the excess fat of the body.

Piece Of Advice

1. Always do pranayama , mudra and if possible asana on a mat.

2. Pranayama is best done in the morning in fresh air.

3. Never do pranayama,mudra and asana after having food although there are exceptions with some.

4.Pregnant women should consider a yoga teacher before practicing any pranayama,mudra or asana.

5. Never put too much strain on your muscles while doing asana.

6.Don't do asana,pranayama or mudra for too long in the beginning stages.

7. It is recommended to maintain a routine everyday to see the results .

8. It is recommended to begin practicing yoga under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

9.Wear loose clothes while doing yoga.

10.Yoga is something that takes time to show its effects so be patient ,gradually you will see the difference.

Will You Do Yoga Regularly?

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