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Reduce over Weight WITHOUT Hard Dieting and Exercise

Updated on January 11, 2016

We all want look slim and fit in this modern world but its hard to maintain and loose our weight.but I will tell you how we can maintain our body fit and slim without dieting rules and hard exercise.check this out : -

1.Take water rich fruits

Water is best solution to cut down the calories. Take water rich fruits like watermelon, cucumber and grapes. These water fruits not only help your body to cut down the calories but also replace your calories rich meal that causes your over weight. These water rich fruits are also healthy for your skin, body and mind as well as they energizes muscles for whole day.

2.Take Hot bath

Hot bath in the morning and in the evening condense your muscles and bring a proper shape in your body.Hot bath will also make you feel relaxed.If you add salt in hot water then it will relaxes your nerves system and lower the stress hormone cortisol.

3.Don’t Sleep after having meal.

Body needs food to produce energy that we use in doing physical and mental work but if we go to sleep after having meal then produced energy by our food does not get utilized consequently it produce unwanted fat in our body. Hence we should keep the at least 1 to 2 hour gap between our meal and sleep.

4.Don’t eat while watching T.V.

It’s a real Psychological fact that People having food while watching Television eat the maximum bowls of food. Hence make a rule that you should not watch the T.V. while having dinner or lunch as we usually forget how much food we are putting in our stomach in the entertainment of our favourite programme. Some time we eat beyond the daily capacity. Hence just avoid the T.V. while watching T.V.

5.Do your small works on your own

The main reason behind the over weight is the maximum number of facilities .This not only makes us lazy but also increase our unwanted weight.We just sit in chair in office or in sofa and bed at home ,actually we are not performing any physical activity.Hence, try to do small things on your own like bringing file from third floor in the office or purchasing some stuffs from market.

6. Kapal bharti yoga

Kapa bharti is a yoga that helps you to reduce your overweight.To doing kapal bharti just close your eyes and sit relaxed.Breath out rapidly as well as take your stomach in and out while this for 10 minutes. You can do kapal bharti at your home and office whenever you get the spare time.

After trying these steps you can surely find it and effective and we will see yourself in the mirror and you will kiss yourself


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