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Lose weight without diet and exercise !

Updated on April 22, 2016

How to lose weight in a week?

1) Water or Soup.

Start your meals with a glass of water or soup. This helps you munch down on less food and it also helps in easy digestion of food.

2) Fibre

Add fibre in your diet. Eat food which has slow digestion. It will help you to stay fuller for longer period of time. Specially food which are rich in fibre like berries , beans, whole grains, carrots and dry fruits.

3) Short Meals.

Break down your meal. You don't have to gobble up everything at one time. Eat small meals at short intervals. And add lots of fruits and salads in your diet.

4) Chewing your food slowly.

Take it slow unless you have a train to catch. What I mean to say is chew your food properly this helps in easy digestion and the saliva present in your mouth not only helps in chewing and reducing gastrointestinal problems but it also helps in losing weight. Our body takes time to signal the brain when the stomach is full. So take your time to chew your food as it will prevent you from overeating.


Have your dinner 1-2 hours before hitting the bed. Don't sleep right after you finish eating your food. However if you still happen to eat little late at night be sure to take few strolls or if you love dancing then just do a light dancing before going to bed.

Tips to avoid cravings

If you have a constant craving/ hunger pangs to eat something. Then chew on a bubble gum, to keep your mouth busy or drink one big glass of water till your stomach fells full. You can also eat low calorie food. For example, one can eat carrots which has 0% calories and loaded with fibre.

Eat Dry fruits to lose weight

What is metabolism rate?

In simple words its a process where your body converts the food you eat and drink into energy. People who regularly exercise or have muscles burn calories even when they are resting, because their metabolism rate is high in another words their body needs more energy for the extra work they do of supplying energy to the extra body mass (muscles) they possess.

Water With Lemon For Weight Loss

6) Are You Hungry or It's Just an Urge to Eat Something?

One of the main reason for obesity is that people can't differentiate between hunger and cravings. Specially women after their delivery and after they stop breastfeeding. Since they burn calories every time they feed, they feel hungry quite often. However by breastfeeding it's easy to burn calories and to go back to your pre-pregnancy look. But soon again they gain weight when they stop breastfeeding. Because they continue eating in the same manner, like they did in pregnancy or during breastfeeding term. So one should eat only when they are hungry.

7) Extreme dieting or crash dieting leads to binge eating.

For certainly starving does not help in weight loss without reducing your immune system. In fact it sends your body in a starvation mode I.e your body starts storing fats and carbohydrates when ever you eat, to use the energy in future when your starving and low on energy. It also reduces your metabolism rate too. If you lose control of your diet after refraining from your favorite foods for a long time, you may find yourself overeating. Crash dieting has more negatives then positives. The doctors recommend that every now and then one should eat the food that they love but. in little quantity.

8) Eating food that burn more calories.

I know this sounds unreal but it's true!. I'll tell you how? For instance eating Apple, Egg or drinking Milk will keep you fuller for a long time and plus they are packed with energy to keep your engines running. You also have dates, lentils, green tea, greens, oat meals and more. When it comes to food items that help in burning calories. One definitely cannot forget about honey and ginger.

A) Mix 1 tablespoon of honey in a warm glass of water and take every morning on empty stomach to shed those flab's.

B) Ginger is not only used for detoxifying, curbing inflammation and gastrointestinal problems but it also increases your metabolism rate.

9) Lack of Sleep

To keep Your body and as well as your skin healthy you should definitely not miss your beauty sleep. A study at the university of Colorado showed that the people who burnt the midnight oil were more prone to obesity. There are several possible ways that sleep deprivation could increase the chances of becoming obese.

1) Sleep-deprived people will always feel tired and exhausted all the time. They are just low on their stamina and get tired very soon. So doing some exercise is a far away thing for them.

2) People may take in more calories than those who do, simply because they are awake longer and have more opportunities to eat

3) Lack of sleep also disrupts the balance of key hormones that control appetite, so sleep-deprived people may be hungrier than those who get enough rest each night.

Sleep Deprivation and Obesity
A growing body of research suggests that there’s a link between how much people sleep and how much they weigh. In general, children and adults who get too little sleep tend to weigh more than those who get enough sleep. (1)

When it says that lack of sleep leads to obesity, it doesn't mean that by over sleeping one will be thin and slim. Irrespective of whether you over sleep or are sleep deprived. You are going to put on weight with improper sleeping habits. It's a must to have a proper sleeping pattern and an adult needs an average of 7-8 hours of sleep.

1. Patel SR. Short sleep duration and weight gain: a systematic review. Obesity(Silver Spring). 2008; 16:643-53.


A good news to the people with a sugar tooth. Sugar is a healthy food item. Eating sugar gives you instance energy because it provides glucose to the body and is easily digestible and plus it is one fat free food.

You may have heard this many times that avoiding sugar will help in weight loss. But its actually not sugar that you have to avoid but its the food items where sugar is used. That's because we don't eat sugar on its own. We consume it with fat and refined starches example pastries, coke, candy etc. For certainly there is no harm in eating sugar laden foods once in a while. However you should still consider the amount of sugar you take, because sugar turns into glucose and then sent into bloodstream. That's how you get instance energy, but the unused and extra glucose, which our body doesn't need for the time being is stored as fat in body. Too much of anything is not good, and its the same for sugar. So avoid eating to much of sweet and junk food, and eat healthy to stay healthy.


Can't avoid your cravings for sugar!

Substitute Honey for sugar, although honey is mostly sugar, but its a healthier alternative for sugar. If not you always have artificial sweeteners for your sweet tooth or if you have any cravings for sweet items then eat something healthy, like your favourite fruits. vegetables salad or any other healthy food.

11) One Third Rule.

This one third rule definitely works like magic. The rule is never eat full stomach. You can eat once in a while, but not all the time. One should eat only one third of your stomach, one third of water and one third empty. Imagine your stomach to be divided into three parts. It will take time till you get used to this, but it's worth it. You not only loose weight but you'll stay healthy and also avoid all kinds of gastric problems too.

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