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Loose few centimeters on your waistline

Updated on September 15, 2009

Loosing few centimeters on your waistline seemed more achievable than saying "loose few inches". That's right, and in the long run, with all the efforts in loosing these few centimeters will eventually lead to loosing inches, right?

There are a lot of ways in performing exercise in order to achieve these goal and of us us must have already tried all these crunching techniques. Abdominal crunching is somewhat effective in loosing abdominal fats and loosing few centimeters on the waistline, but it does not trim the sides of the abdomen which gives off an "S" curvature on your photos. Crunching can give us a flat tummy but not nice and beautiful waistline curves.

I have seen a lot of people who spend much money and time working out in those expensive gymns. Yes, they have achieved a lean and muscular body but not all of them got the "S" curves.

One can stay fit and trim without necessarily going through these tiring, strenous exercises. There are few exercise techniques that are less stressful yet achieve the same goal.

An exercise that's best in achieveing that great curvature is just an easy and simple task. This technique is simply done by just making about a hundred twisting bends everyday.

In performing this, you stand up with legs apart but not too wide-apart. Raise your arms sideward, up to the shoulder level. Maintain this position, as if you are holding a pole from your shoulder.Make a twist then bend and reach your left toe, with your right hand. Raise your upper body, going back to an upright position(make sure your arms/hand maintained the previous position) Then repeat the twist and bend with the left hand reaching the right toe. Repeat these process many times, but of course do not overdo if you are yet a beginner. You can make up to twenty counts on your first day and add a good ten counts each day until you achieve that beautiful curve.


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    • 888royale profile image

      888royale 8 years ago

      thanks crazzy

    • crazzycool profile image

      crazzycool 8 years ago from melbourne

      Thats good way of thinking start small achieve big