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Lose Your Love Handles!

Updated on June 2, 2012

Lose the Love Handles!

Weight loss can be tough, sometimes people will spend years trying to get the body want with no avail. Stubborn love handles are hard to lose, but not impossible. With the correct plan of attack anyone out there can lose the these stubborn flabby love handles and get the body they've always wanted simply by fine tuning their diet and exercise.

Anti Love Handle Nutrition

Some of the common mistakes made by people when battling those last few pounds are cheat days, and simple misunderstanding of what they eat. While I believe cheat days are a fun idea, a different approach will get better results. Having a higher carb day, while still eating clean healthy food is a better alternative. Most cheat days have such a high calorie intake that they destroy the weekly caloric deficit, re-feeding those love handles, ultimately losing little to no fat at all. Although most people are good at finding the high protein food sources, and complex carbs, another overlooked factor is the quality of these foods (and drinks). Any food with artificial sugar/substances, soy, and other chemicals can create problems in the body's metabolism and hormones, preventing further fat loss. Hormones play an important role in weight loss as testosterone feeds muscle, and oestrogen feeds fat. Eating all natural foods is the ultimate solution for losing the love handles.

Proper Training to Lose the Love Handles!

It's common knowledge that a combination of weight lifting and aerobics is perfect for losing fat. Which type and how often can be the deciding factor. Heavy weightlifting, 3 times a week, is the most effective way to maintain muscle mass, to keep your metabolism running smoothly. Whilst another 3 sessions of aerobic interval training, is the most scientifically proven fat burning exercise out there. Interval training is a training session which cycles through high intensity and low intensity training, a perfect way to lose the love handles.


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    • Gracenduta profile image

      Gracenduta 5 years ago from Kenya

      I always try different exercises to eliminate love hurdles. I see them looking like murphin top cakes. I will follow these tips and see whether they will work. Great hub thanks