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Lose 11.4 Pounds in 30 Days without Effort

Updated on June 7, 2014

“Lose 11.4 Pounds in 30 days with No Effort”

Lose 11.4 Pounds in 30 days with No Effort
Lose 11.4 Pounds in 30 days with No Effort | Source

“Lose 11.4 Pounds in 30 days with No Effort”

“Lose 11.4 Pounds in 30 days with No Effort”

Imagine losing flab and gaining muscle ,,, suppress your appetite ---Reduce the blood sugar levels ---all this and more in one extract from a Fruit , called the African Mango.

Think of how for the summer, you can put that bikini on and have literally inches removed from your tummy , and bask in the sun with a flat stomach with no hesitation in wearing what swimwear you like!!!

Men, and women alike can now have a decline in LDL cholesterol and normal levels improve in their blood glucose levels , ,,All the while not spending expensive money at the gym , you won’t need this, or hiring an expensive private workout coach ,,,Lifting weights to gain muscle ,,not needed ,,improve your health with the African Mango plant.

Feel and look like your 20 again, look at the photo before you started gaining weight in your stomach area,,, look at yourself in the mirror now,,, No be happy because those sagging arms will have tone to them,,, thanks to this newly discovered African Mango plant ,,, yes your stomach will decrease ,,, studies show that you can lose up to 2 inches in 28 days in the Stomach area alone,,, Don’t take my word for it ,,,Take this one Testimonial for example

The website is ,, ,Lin Davenport posted this and quote “I do no exercise , I do try to eat Healthy and at age 30 she delivered her first baby, and was 24 pounds overweight ,,, exhausted on all the diet plans she had tried for a year she tried the supplement and with 5 months I had lost a total of 22 Pounds , and I blame this on African Mango Plus ” the brand name supplement she took to lose her weight.

Another--- Crystal S. California---“Been trying to lose weight for years, this is the first program that has worked for me. I have lost 30 Pounds along with the diet and exercise program I am in.

Increase your energy level, Increase fat oxidation, and fight off fatigue , and increase your energy level with this amazing product .

Let’s See what the doctor has to say about this,,,

------Dr. Albert Ayeni discovered the amazing qualities in African Mango, he is associated with The Department of Plant and Biology and Pathology Foran Hall Room 268 at Cook College, Rutgers University, and He is an Undergraduate: University of Ibadan in (Ibadan, Nigeria ) with a Major in Agronomy or Crop Science,, , 2003 – present he is the Assistant Director, Cook/NJAES International Programs,, He has written 10 Articles with the most significant in the last 5 years of his studies.

Dr. Albert Ayeni has 3 full pages of credits to include with his name, including books he has written on Agriculture and of course the Mango Plant. Listen to his printed book,” The fruit eaten in Western Africa is where the extract of Irvingia gabonensis which is from the fruit African Mongo may inhibit body fat production and have an effect on enzymes that regulate metabolism in humans. The Mango grows on a tree in the rain forest of Guinea. The Yellow fruit is significant for the seed that is used in food preparations. The last few centuries the African Mango has been used as medicinal use such as diarrhea, hernia, diabetes, and yellow fever according to the Global Institute for Bioexploration---The African Mango has a synergist effect on lowering total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein and has been shown to have weight loss effects . The Oil in the seed of the African Mango has a good source of beta-carotene, according to scientific literature from Dr. Albert Ayeni.

Why wait until summer hits and not try this product that has the headlines running wild and the many reviews stating the facts, The Doctor’s theories and the numerous accounts by people who have experienced this product themselves as per the webpage in this article,,, can you really put low energy and possible heart conditions ,and overweight bodies into action, YES NOW YOU CAN,,,

Amazon Carries this product and if you found this to be informative please purchase it from this website , Do Not Put It Off any Longer The Time is Now and What a Deal…..Let me know by putting in your comments how it is going so we can keep track of you !!


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