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Lose 20 Pounds By Following These Menus

Updated on July 5, 2012

Do You Want To Lose Weight?

Do you want to lose 20 pounds by following these menus this season? If you would like to lose weight, you may be able to lose 20 Lbs by following these rules. It's hard, but may not be as hard as you think once you get started. Its about planning and it's about mindset. After that, it's not all that hard if you are just slightly disciplined.

In this hub, I will give some dieting tips and weight loss advice that may put you on the right track to lose. To be a winner, you have to be a loser.

Lose 20 Pounds by Following These Menus

Sample Menu to Lose Weight


Black Coffee or Tea


scrambled egg whites (hot sauce)

1/2 piece wheat toast




Turkey breast

salad greens with lite dressing




Broiled Fish


Salad ( lite dressing)

1/2 slice of wheat bread

water, black coffee or tea

Planning For Weight Loss

The grocery list and menu will be important parts of your weight loss plan. Scheduled exercise will also be an important part because:

Rule #1 is BURN MORE CALORIES THAN YOU TAKE IN - To do this it is very important to know what and how much you're eating and know what exercises you're doing and how many calories you're burning.

Rule #2 is TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT ON YOUR MENU FOR THE WEEK -Make a grocery list and a menu and follow it for the week.

Rule #3 is MAKE A SCHEDULE and include your daily activities plus extra activities that you plan to do and at what time you plan to do them. Stay as close to the schedule as you can.

Rule #4 Make a Plan to Exercise Each Day, Include Variety So You Don't Get Bored - come up with several different kinds of activities that you enjoy. Vary the activities from day to day.

Grocery List

Consider buying these things:

1.  Lettuce

2.  Carrots

3.  Green, yellow or red peppers

4.  Melon

5.  Whole grain bread

6. Eggs

7.  Shrimp

8.  Cocktail sauce

9.  Several canned Vegtables

10.  Several frozen vegatables

11.  Chicken breasts or tenderloins

12.  Tuna

13. Salmon

14.  Apples

15.  Cheese sticks

16.  Skim Milk

17.  Low fat soups

18.  Ricotta Cheese

19.  Whipped cream

20.  Popcorn

Consider These Exercises

For a variety of exercise options, consider:

1.  Swimming

2.  Walking

3.  Biking

4.  Playing Tennis

5.  Kicking a Soccerball

6.  Going to a Weight Room

7.  Aquarobics class

8.  Exercise ball

9.  Pilates

10.  Zumba

11.  P90 X

12.  Aerobics class

14.  Golfing

15.  Jogging

Exercise Every Day

Choose from the foods in the food list to make up your menu's and diet plan. Make sure to exercise everyday.


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    • InfinityVal profile image

      InfinityVal 6 years ago from NNY

      Good common sense tips. That's what it takes!