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Lose 20kg's in 3 Months

Updated on November 28, 2016

The Effortless Diet

When the word diet comes up people tend to switch off but it is only because it seems like a lot of work and if you are so far gone you might think that it is impossible to lose weight at why bother trying? Well dieting does not have to mean that you need to give up the things you love and it doesn't mean that you have to starve yourself and live to exercise all the time. This diet WILL help you lose weight and it doesn't matter how big you think you are it is never too late to lose that weight. If you think that skin will hang - it won't, if you think that you might look older - you won't and you will not have a heart attack doing exercise in fact it will help your heart and you will be able to wear a swimsuit in no time at all. Well it is not an overnight thing and the one thing that you have to remember is that it is not something that you are going to do for now but something that you will be doing for a long time and this is changing your eating patterns to fit in with your lifestyle. It doesn't mean that you can have sweets and pies everyday but you do not have to give up the things you love either.

With this diet you can eat what you want but you do need to know when to eat them and of course you do have to change the portion size. The most important part of this diet or eating plan is putting in the effort to do the exercise too. You are not going to have to go to the gym or train for hours and this will make you feel good and your weight will drastically drop in no time. The best feeling that you will get is when your clothes start to feel too big and this is possible and it will happen for you because you can do it and it is up to you to start today!

Rid Your Life of Negativity

Before you begin the change you need to make a few changes of your own and this means that you have to be positive and know that you will lose weight regardless of how big you have become. You also need to put yourself on the right track and give yourself a goal limit but don't make it a crazy one because this is not a crash diet it is a way of life and you will not have to stuff your face with your favourite things because the food is running away, it is not it will always be there and if you want it then you can have it. Change needs a positive mind and you are strong enough to take on the challenge because millions of people can do it everyday and so can you. Your life will become different and you will begin to feel good about yourself when you start to see and feel the difference. With this in mind understand that results will show for you quickly but people will only begin to notice after you have lost at least 20 pounds. Don't let this put you off because this is about you and nobody else so go for it! Take the challenge and tell yourself you want to be healthy, you want to look good and you will feel great soon!

Losing Weight is Easy

Throw away your scale and wait to feel your clothes drop with this easy diet
Throw away your scale and wait to feel your clothes drop with this easy diet

Don't Feel Guilty about Being Fat

Why should you sit in your house feeling bad about yourself when everyone else around you is happy and enjoying their are missing out! You don't have to feel guilty about being fat you need to feel good about knowing that you can drop those pounds and it is possible. Stop thinking that it is too late, you are too fat and you will never lose weight because you have too much to lose because you can lose weight and you will drop those pounds as you are able to do it for you and the best part of it all is that the results will just encourage you to carry on going. Give the diet a try and you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do that is a good part of this diet because you will never have to give up the things you love you will only learn to eat them when you can so take a look at your fat self in the mirror for one last time and say goodbye to your fat and guilty you and say welcome to the new way of life.

Rid Yourself of Guilt

Don't feel guilty about being fat - change it and do it for nobody else but you
Don't feel guilty about being fat - change it and do it for nobody else but you | Source

Diet Questions

What is your reason for not trying a diet?

See results

The Diet that Lets You Eat What you Want to

That sounds strange but it is true, this diet will allow you to eat the things that you enjoy without having to give them up and the only catch to this is that you will have to learn to eat them at the right times. You will also learn to balance your food so that it is not the end of the world if you have a bad carb or a chocolate and you can even eat pizza if you want to but it is knowing how much of it to eat at the right times. This diet will teach you how to eat the wrong foods at the right time and it will give you a boost when you watch your clothes size drop. Eating all of your favourite things in moderation is the idea and learning to watch the calories and find the nutritional balance is what this diet is all about, in fact, let's rule out the word diet and learn to say the healthy way of life. It starts here and you can begin today if you would like to as this works and it will make you feel fantastic.

Eat What you Want Diet

You can have a pizza on this diet but it is up to you to count the calories
You can have a pizza on this diet but it is up to you to count the calories
Burgers are allowed on this diet but you have to find a balance in calories
Burgers are allowed on this diet but you have to find a balance in calories

Calorie Counting

This might seem like a bother to you but it does help to know how much you are able to eat if you need to lose weight. A good idea is to eat 1400 calories per day which means that you can have a big breakfast and two smaller meals for lunch and dinner or you can have a big lunch and a smaller breakfast or dinner, the choice is yours to make but it will help you to know how many calories are in a meal so that you can see how much you are allowed to eat. If you feel that you need a little more in a day that is fine too. The exercise also allows you to eat a few more calories or have that little piece of cake or chocolate as a treat but you do need to exercise. Everything that we eat has calories in them and you will find the amounts on the packaging. You also need to remember that most of what we eat contains sugar and sodium which is never good for you and to avoid having too much of this you need to either cut out the sugar and sodium somewhere or limit yourself to keep healthy. I am not saying give up on sugar but simply cut down to allow yourself better options of treats. Once you know how many calories are in the food that you eat it will be easy to find food options that will suit you. You cannot really go over the 1400 calorie limit for the day if you want to lose drastic weight but it is not the end of the world if it happens once or twice. The weekends can be treat day and you can take a break one day on the weekend to allow for extra calories but this can only be done after the first month so that you can see the results that will entice you to keep going and you can keep it up because it is simple, easy and you will be thin in no time at all. The trick to this diet is not to think of it as a diet or with limits and also see it as a life change where you don't have to rush to get results but they will happen. Think of it as a year of your life that will give you years of pleasure and satisfaction once you have reached your goal. Your life will be changed forever and it will feel good, you will want to be out because of all the extra energy that you will have as well as being healthy again so that you can be happy.

How Many Calories in my Food?

fried egg
white toast
strip of back bacon
beef chipolata
mug of coffee with milk no sugar
slice of cheddar cheese
1 ounce
piece of chocolate cake with frosting
1 slice
These are the calories in some of the foods but there is sugar, fat and other things to consider when you eat them

This Helped Me

The fitness Pal App is amazing when you need to check how many calories you are eating and all you have to do is get the app and scan your products. It gives you goals, a diary to input all of your meals into and at the end of the day it will show you how far you have to go.

The Rules

The calories don't seem too much when you look at a small portion of something. A slice of pizza is 300 calories and a whole pizza is your entire limit for the day so your choice is to either eat the whole pizza as all your meals for the day by spreading it out or you can have a slice or two and be satisfied to know that tomorrow is another day. The nutritional value might not add up for a day so you have to ask yourself if it is worth eating the entire thing. This diet means that you can eat these items but you have to balance it out. Keep your carbohydrates to a minimal and make sure that you have protein and vegetables too. It is about balancing your meals and if you feel that you want carbs for breakfast than you cannot choose carbs again for the rest of the day. There are a few rules to this diet but we are not strict and it is only you that can make the rules or break them. If you do break them and have a very weak moment, don't feel bad and give up just continue on and alter your eating for the rest of the day.

  1. Balance your nutrients so that you have protein, carbohydrates and vegetables in your day
  2. Choose the time you would like to eat carbohydrates and know that you can only have it once per day
  3. Never eat carbohydrates at night
  4. Drink 8 glasses of water as this is the little slimming pill it helps when you want to loose.
  5. Choose one treat per week
  6. Avoid coke and sugary drinks but if you do need to have it, only once a week
  7. Exercise this will help you lose quickly and it will make you feel happy
  8. Don't care about what other people think this is for you!
  9. Eat 6 times per day and be sure to make them small meals
  10. Three meals of 400 calories each and two snacks per day
  11. Make your snack a healthy one like a fruit
  12. You should only have two fruits per day because of the sugar
  13. Drop your sugar intake to half
  14. Avoid sweeteners
  15. Avoid late night snacking
  16. Don't use a scale

The New Life Diet

This is a guide line and you can change it up if you want to, you can also swop the days around and all you need to remember is that there are no carbohydrates at night and you must drink water, you must have 3 meals per day and 2 to 3 snacks. By eating 6 times per day you will speed up your metabolism which will also help you to get healthy and slim.

Day 1:

Breakfast: 1 fried egg on toast, 50 grams mushrooms

Tea or coffee

Snack: 1 x fruit

Lunch: Chicken salad

Snack: Small yoghurt

Dinner: 1x chicken breast or any piece with 2 to 3 vegetables

Day 2

Breakfast: 50grams of cereal with milk

Snack: 1 small bran muffin

Lunch: Pasta with chicken or beef sauce

Snack:1x fruit

Dinner: 1x piece of chicken with broccoli, beetroot and corn

Day 3

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 toast, 2 rashers bacon

Snack: 2 x fruit

Lunch: Tuna salad with anything in it

Snack: 1x small yoghurt

Dinner: Roast beef 3 slices, 3 veggies of your choice

Day 4

Breakfast: fruit platter with a choice of 3 fruits

Snack: 1 small muffin

Lunch: Baked potato, 1 piece of chicken, salad

Snack: 3 provita 2x slice of cheese

Dinner: Chicken and vegetable stir fry

Day 5

Breakfast: Cereal 50grams with milk

Snack: a small bag of popcorn

Lunch: Brown rice with vegetables and shredded chicken in a sauce

Snack: A small bag of nuts

Dinner: Grilled fish with 2 vegetables and a side salad

Day 6

Breakfast: 1 egg, toast, peppers, mushrooms

Snack: 1 x banana

Lunch: Grilled fish with fries

Snack: 1 x small yoghurt

Dinner: Chicken salad add as much lettuce, tomato and cucumber as you want

Day 7 Treat Day

Breakfast: egg, toast, 1 rasher bacon

Snack: 1 x fruit

Lunch: Roast chicken, beef or lamb, 1 potato, vegetables, rice, gravy

Snack: Small dessert or slice of cake

Dinner: Tuna or chicken salad

You can choose your own meals but the idea is to have one type of heavy carbohydrate per day and never at night. If you do choose to eat a dessert than eat it early and have it as a meal. Chocolate is allowed as long as you don't eat a slab but you can have one block per day as a snack or you can have a chocolate bar at lunch time but remember to check the calories and sacrifice other sugars. This is an easy way to lose weight and the only way to do it is to check your calories but just try to have 3 main meals of 300 to 400 calories and snacks to make up the rest. You can have your cake and eat it too as long as you balance it out by checking the calories and then burning it off. If you haven't had your exercise for the day, cake and chocolate is not going to work out for you. Choose your carbohydrate for the day and eat only once without having it at night. There are loads of foods that are light in calories and they will make you full. It is difficult in the beginning but you do get results and you never have to give up anything that you love. If you feel like a junk food day then have one but choose it wisely.

Learn to be Happy Again

You will feel happy and you will love your new body
You will feel happy and you will love your new body | Source

Walking is Good Exercise

A simple walk for 5km or one hour will help you lose weight and feel healthy
A simple walk for 5km or one hour will help you lose weight and feel healthy


If you can make your way to a treadmill, a pool or a gym then do it but all you have to do each day is walk briskly for 5 km's. That seems like a lot but it really is not and for the first couple of days you can take it slow and do as much as you can but after the first month you do need to push yourself to walk briskly for the full 5 km's. If you feel up to the challenge then you can walk 10 km's and this will guarantee your weight to drop off even faster as long as you stick to the calories of 1450 per day with 8 glasses of water and you can have tea or coffee 4 times a day of you want as long as you cut down on the sugar. Any time you have a spare moment do some sort of activity and you can even dance to some music in the comfort of your own home. Once you start the exercise you are on the way to a slimmer you and a healthier you.

Think Thin

By thinking like a person that does not need much food you will eat less
By thinking like a person that does not need much food you will eat less

Just Do It For You!

This is so easy and effortless because what kind of diet allows you to eat what you want? You do have to remember that if you choose to eat a slice of cake, then you are going to have to sacrifice something else in the day. Drink lots of water, don't eat carbs at night, don't snack late at night and go for that walk at least 5 times in the week. You can say goodbye to feeling sad, guilty and ugly because this will help you lose and there is no rush. Do it for you, don't give up hope because it is never too late, you are not too far gone and you can lose weight, feel good and learn to live your life to the fullest! Just do it because you want to and because you can.


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