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Lose 9 pounds in 3 weeks without dieting

Updated on April 6, 2015

If you have been trying to lose weight but nothing seems to work you might need a kickstart by eliminating a few toxins first. This will start the engines, wake up your metabolism and encourage you to eat healthy. And without ever feeling hungry, and by just eating the right stuff, you will drop a noticeable amount of weight.

Diets don't work

This isn’t an advertisment about a weightloss product that is supposed to help you lose weight effortlessly. It isn’t even a diet. Diets don’t work. They might at first help you lose some weight but eventually you will gain your weight back and sometimes even more. Most people will try to eat only lean meats and cut all the fats. Some even will try to skip meals.

I have tried diets after diets and nothing really worked. I thought that maybe it was just the changes women go through, and I basically had to put up with my extra weight. Then I came across a book that reminded me about the health benefits of a body detox. Because I really wanted to do this body detox for the purpose of resetting my body, gain beautiful skin and hair and improve my overall wellness, I learned a new way of creating my meals.

Smart eating

Ph-balanced nutrition was the key to this body detox. But what is ph-balanced nutrition? I had heard this term before but it never meant much to me until I had researched it a few years ago. Ph stands for potential of hydrogen and determines if something is acidic or alkaline. Our blood, for instance, has a ph of 7.4. The numbers range from 0-14, the higher the number the higher the alkaline content. Unfortunately, western diets are very acidic. This means that the body cannot neutralize all acidic food and a large amount deposits itself onto tissues, muscles, veins, scalp, etc. This slows down many functions in the body including a healthy metabolism, digestion, the renewal of cells therefore also speeding up the aging process.

Step ONE: Neutralization

I started out with a two-week neutralization phase. During this two-week phase I ate three meals and two snacks per day. Upon getting up I drank a small glass of water. During the course of the morning I drank 8 ounces of pure aloe vera juice. About 10 minutes before every major meal I took superbluegreen algae to supply my body with additional alkalines to help neutralize all acids. The second day I experienced a small headache which is normal during a body detox. Only after two days my digestion had improved significantly. During these two weeks I ate what is considered fatty food such as cream, butter, cheeses. I never had to watch for the fats in food as it is all about combining the right food. If you want to learn about this cleanse more specifically and what foods I combined, you can read the details on this body detox page.

Step TWO: Cleansing

After the two-week neutralization phase and having dropped 6 pounds already I began with my cleansing phase. I continued with my ph-balanced meal plans but added a detoxyfing herbal tea, did light execises three times per week and got a manual lymph drainage massage. This type of massage removes year-long build-up from within the lymph nodes. I still continued my daily 8 ounces of pure aloe juice as it is considered a superfood that is very cleansing, nutritious and additionally containing anti-aging compounds.

Three weeks into the program I had lost 9 pounds and dropped one size without ever dieting. My fat deposits around hip and stomach had been reduced significantly. The cleasing phase actually lasts from two to four weeks. So in essence, this means that the entire body detox lasts anywhere from two to six weeks. It is completely do-able because you do get to eat wholesome and healthy food that doesn’t leave you hungry and best of all, you lose weight.

This is what you will need

The following products are not a must. Nevertheless proper nutrition isn't a choice but a must if we want to become and stay healthy. An abundance of alkaline is necessary during a body detox to make sure that the body doesn't use its own alkaline deposits from bone, veins, scalp to neutralize toxins.

Superbluegreen Algae or Barley Grass are the perfect choice as nutritional supplement before meals. The add to your mineral deposit in your body making sure that the body doesn't use its own deposits out of bones, scalp, veins, etc to neutralize acids in foods. Not getting enough minerals could have a never-ending domino effect on your health.

Ph-balanced cook-book. This is a good investment because you learn a new way of cooking helping you prepare healthy and good-tasting dishes without sacrificing your health.

Pure Aloe Vera Juice as a nutritional Superfood which has many incredible health benefits. Make sure the juice contains at least 90% aloe vera. This page will go in depth about the wonderful and truly amazing benefits of pure aloe vera juice.

Light Excercise Plan that gets you results. I prefer Mark Lauren’s "you are your own gym". It doesn’t require a lot of time, doesn’t build up further toxins, builds lean muscle that helps you burn fat.

What to do next so I don't put my weight back on

To keep the weight down preventing a yo-yo effect it is important to continue eating healthy, exercise and always keep our metabolism busy. There are a few helpful tricks that will always keep your metabolism working optimally. I have written another section on how to trick your metabolism to help you lose weight and keep it down for good. Upon completing this gentle body cleanse learn how you can lose even more weight and keep it down for good.


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