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Lose Extra Weight with Fat Burning Food

Updated on October 1, 2014

Fruit Salad with Cacao Nibs

Fruit Salad with Cacao Nibs
Fruit Salad with Cacao Nibs | Source

An Obese Woman in pink

An obese woman in pink skirt
An obese woman in pink skirt | Source


Being overweight can come with various problems especially if the person also lives a sedentary lifestyle. In advanced countries like America and Europe obesity is common place because of an abundance of meal choices especially calorie filled fast food.

There are many dangerous conditions that come with being overweight such as type2 diabetes, respiratory problems and heart diseases. Other conditions that can be associated with being overweight are kidney diseases, fatty liver issues and exhaustion.

Most people become overweight because of their eating habit, laziness, lack of exercise, genetic factors, stress related problems and in rare cases hereditary. Most women tend to gain extra pounds when pregnant and some unfortunately become obese after subsequent child births.

The physical aspect of being overweight can cause life long pain and discomfort such as joint pain rheumatism, development of asthma, labored breadth, and sleep apnea among others. Even the level of oxygenated blood is reduced causing chronic and minor conditions that could reduce the life span of the individual.

Other ailments that could be associated with extra weight are swollen feet, back aches, dizzy spells and wheezing. The common method of reducing weight is eating a balanced diet, exercise and consuming fruits and vegetables.

Most dietary regimens don’t work because without a change in eating habit and knowing exactly what to eat and the quantity the person might even gain more pounds.

7 Belly fat burning food

Fruit salad, soy yoghurt and musli

Fruit salad, soy yoghurt and musli
Fruit salad, soy yoghurt and musli | Source

Fat burning food

Knowing which food helps burn fat while enjoying yourself is the key to losing permanent weight because such healthy eating habit would become a life style not a dietary plan. Some of the fat burning foods that you can eat are listed bellow.

Low Fat diary

Low fat diary meals, drinks, ice creams or deserts are good for you, the burn excess weight while maintain your bodies metabolism. Low fat include low fat dairy products like yogurt, low fat milk, and cheese. Other low fat food you can eat are low fat cakes for your salad use low fat salad dressing, and dink low fat milk

Fat burning food source

Which one is not a fat burning food source

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Lean meat

Lean meat consists of meat that do not exceed 125 calories per servicing they include light meat chicken such as the chicken breast, light turkey, pork tendons. Other in this range are but have more calories than those previously mentioned are dark turkey, bison, pork chops.

Low sugar diet

Low sugar diet is good for you so keep of soft drinks, carbonated water, treats, sweets, candy bars and anything that has high concentration of sugar. Instead go for pure orange juice without sugar additives, a little chocolate and other natural sweeteners.

If you have a craving for sugary substance try honey, it’s healthy and has many benefits that aid the body. Avoid coffee that is loaded with caffeine instead drink caffeine free coffee with low fat milk and honey as a sweetener.

Water melons

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Water melonWater melonWater melon
Water melon
Water melon | Source
Water melon
Water melon | Source
Water melon
Water melon | Source


The lists of fat burning food are;

1 Water rich food like watermelon

2 Alternative protein source like beans

3 vegetables

4 honey, low sugar diet

5 lean meat

6 low fat dairy products

Water rich food

Water rich food burn excess weight better than most weight loss diets, they shed upwards of 30% more weight within a period of five months than other diet foods. A good example of water rich food is watermelon which is loaded with vitamins and lycopene including glutathione.

The fruit aids digestion while strengthening the body’s defense against diseases by boosting the body’s immune system. Fruits are like oranges, pineapple and water melon has high water content including lots of minerals, energy and vitamins.

Carbohydrate count

Low carbohydrate food
mid range carbohydrate food
food loaded is carbohydrate to avoid
omega3 enriched eggs
soft drinks
ice cream and chocolate
black beans
dry wine
trans fat
ground nut oil
olive oil
artificial sweeteners

Maximize weight loss with low carbohydrate diet

Low carbohydrate diet plan

To have long lasting result from certain food sources having a low carbohydrate diet plan works wonders. Foods that have low carbohydrates are very effective when weight loss programs and menus are used.

The advantage of low carbohydrate food sources is lower incident of disease, and gainful weight loss. Good food sources that help maintain good body mass include fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Meals that have sugar, ground nut oil, palm oil are very fattening and bad if weight loss is to be achieved. Other bad food sources that should be avoided are Gluten Grains, Tran’s fat, sugar, vegetable oils, omega 6 and artificial sweeteners

Food that have been processed or canned is not good when trying to loss weight Instead fat burning or weight maintenance food like trout, haddock, organic pasteurized chicken, and vegetables. Vegetables like the broccoli, carrots, spinach and fruits such as oranges, apples and berries.

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe
Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe | Source

Alternative protein

Alternative protein can help an obese person lose lots of pounds and does not add to the weight. Beans are a good source for alternative protein instead of eating meat try tofu. Some benefits of eating beans include reduction in calories, reduction in blood sugar, have free radicals and contain soluble fiber.

Other equally important food stuff to consider are oranges, pineapple because of the phosphorus and vitamins, green tea, a little bit of avocado and different nuts for fiber.

Avoid frying in oil but you can use olive cooking oil in moderation, eat healthy food stuff and watch the weight disappear in a matter of months.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad
Fruit salad | Source


Lose extra weight with fat burning food, exercise and a strict diet regimen, using the three methods would achieve good result. Fat burning food sources like water rich fruits like water melon, low calorie food, low sugar intake and vegetable protein found in nuts.

Other fat burning food is the delicious honey, low sugar meals, low fat products, vegetables, vegetable protein and nuts like walnut.


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