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Lose Fat And Gain Muscles Using Your Digital Camera To Take Nature Photos

Updated on April 11, 2012

Digital Cameras

I like digital cameras because I can use them to take lots of pictures for free. Some days I take close to 100 pictures. Since I can put them on my computer I do not need to pay for them unless I want them printed. The cameras are fairly small. So I can take one with me when I go for a walk or bike ride.

Taking pictures of yourself can help you track your weight loss progress. I can take pictures of myself, exercise for a month and then take more pictures. By comparing the pictures I can see how much I changed. Sometimes you need a before and after photo to see how far you have come. Often when the changes are gradual it is hard to notice an improvement.

If you are keeping track of your progress I recommend you take photos once a week. You probably will not change much in a week but it can encourage you to try to improve your body every week.


Nature Photography

Most people do not like to workout or avoid doing it because they assume they will not like it. Working out can be boring, it is often painful and takes a lot of time. People usually have difficulty starting an exercise routine and after they lose interest they have trouble continuing it. That is one of the main reasons people do not exercise enough to maintain a healthy weight.

If you have a healthy hobby that you enjoy it is a lot easier to lose weight and keep it off. Nature photography is a good hobby because it can provide you with a lot of exercise. To take good wildlife photos or photos of natural scenery you usually need to get away from roads and parking lots. At the very least you should get out of your car. You also need to travel to new places so your pictures have some variety.

The best photos are often taken while hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing etc. These activities can provide a great workout and good photo opportunities. It is nearly impossible to take nature photos on a regular basis without burning a lot of calories and strengthening your muscles. As you gain muscle and lose fat you can go for longer outings allowing you to burn even more calories and gain more muscle. It is a good way to build up your endurance.

Even though I exercise a lot nature photography can still tire me out. It can be very physical if you want it to be. While it can leave me feeling really tired it has given me really hard calf muscles and a strong heart. It also gets me out of the house. If you want to reduce fat and build some muscle I recommend you give nature photography a try.

I do most of my nature photography in the summer and that is when I am in the best shape. The biking and hiking I do burns a ton of calories and gives me rock hard muscles. It is also relaxing. Of course I could do it without a camera but I find the camera provides me with some extra motivation. It also prevents me from doing the same thing over and over again.

Almost all the pictures in the slideshow were taken when I was biking or hiking. My camera was not working well in 2011 but I am getting a new one. In 2012 I am going to explore new locations and get lots of exercise while doing it. Hopefully I will find some different animals.


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