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Lose Fat- the basic concept

Updated on November 1, 2015

lose fat fast

​Lose fat is one of the main challenges in our life this days a lot of us try many times to reduce body fat to be more healthy or just get in shape some of us succeed to lose fat then after while it appears again and that's frustrated the others never reach this dream

So to defeat your body fat and never let them come back again you need to find the answer for the following questions

1- How fat formed in our body?
2- How to choose the right fat lose plan?
3- What are the main elements in this plan?

1- How fat formed in our body?

the main reason why fat formed in our body is because we miss with our daily equation of food and activity as we all know everyone of us need to feed his body to give him the suitable amount of energy to do our daily activities but imagine if you give your body less than he need you will be a skinny guy with minim level of power and activity however if you do the opposite and give your body more food and energy than he really need what do you think your body will do ? he will take the sum of energy he needs and will store the rest of it in several area in your body In the shape we all called fat , that's right fat formed in our body because we give him more than he need ( extra food mean extra fat ) .

2- How to choose the right fat lose plan?

Now after we know how fat formed in our body, do we really need a plan to reduce fat someone will say of course not all we need to do is to reduce the sum of food we eat and we will lose fat, I'm sorry my friend that's wrong less food mean less energy which is not enough to reduce fat. The truth is you need to do more than that everyone of us need a good plan to defeat fat and prevent it from comeback again to his body but how can we choose the right plan for everyone of us? There are certain criteria you have to depend on it when you make your Lose fat plan

1- Your Body type
2- Your Type of fat
3 - Your Age.

3- What are the main elements in this plan?

But you have to keep in mind that any plan you will choose must contain the following elements 1- Food guide 2- exercise program 3 – Hobbits 4- supplement
Everyone of us has different needs and goals so some of us will choose to set an exercise program and take some supplement to get results and lose fat fast, the other part may take another way to reduce tummy such as pick a food guide book and change some of his daily hobbits cause he don't like to exercise but he still need to lose fat


However the best plan we all have to choose is the campaign of all those elements because we all want to cut the fat lose and never let them come back again . I can tell if you choose to build your plan of losing fat on only one or two of the above mentioned elements you may succeed to reduce fat but you will never guarantee it will not come back again


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