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How to Lose Pregnancy Weight Quickly

Updated on August 2, 2011

Like most women, when i became pregnant with my son I gained the pounds pretty quickly. I gained roughly 50 pounds over the course of the pregnancy and was very disappointed that it didn't magically disappear immediately after I gave birth. Fortunately, I've found some things that seem to work to drop the weight pretty quickly. Using these techniques I have already lost 30 of the 50 pounds since giving birth to my son 5 weeks ago.

  • Breastfeeding helps burn extra calories. If you breastfeed, it will usually burn an 500 calories per day. Breastfeeding also helps to trim the tummy area by releasing hormones that contract your uterus back to its original size. If you choose to use diet pills or alternative weight loss solutions, you can also invest in a breast pump to "pump and dump" so that you can still get all the benefits of breastfeeding without having to worry what is passing to your child through the breast milk.
  • Dieting. I know we all hate that word, but it holds true that it does matter what you put into your body. Most big name diets will do their job if you follow them properly, but you really don't need to buy any special books or sign up for programs to get it done. My personal favorite way to go is low carb and low fat with higher protein, basically lots of chicken and tuna with vegetables (green giant broccoli w/ low fat cheese sauce is my favorite) on the side. I know that most doctors and dietitions say to eat 6 small meals a day, but that has never gotten me the results that I want. I usually eat breakfast, and a small dinner, maybe a protein drink if I get too hungry or fatigued (I am not a doctor, and I am not claiming this to be the right way or in any way healthy, it is simply what works for me). If you are on an extremely restrictive diet you may have to supplement your baby's diet with formula because your body may have a hard time producing enough milk and you may want to make sure that you are taking vitamin supplements so that your body doesn't overly deplete your reserves when feeding your baby.
  • Exercise. Yes, it's another word that we all hate to hear, but again, it works. Luckily, I have noticed that I have actually gotten better results from just walking and doing pilates at home than I get from gym workouts. Like a lot of people, I don't really have many places to get a decent walk in my neighborhood and the idea of  strapping my fussy 5 week old into a stroller and taking him into the heat just doesn't work so I invested in a treadmill. I'm not someone who likes spending unnecessary money, so I bought my treadmill on craigslist for $85 instead of spending several hundred on a new one at the sports store.
  • Diet pills. I tend to be an impatient person and I personally feel that my body changes quicker when I include these in my regimen. I have tried quite a few of the expensive, big name ones, but my favorite way to go is stacking Farenheit (I've recently had trouble finding in stores, but Vitamin Shoppe still carries it on there website for around $20) with Carb Blocker. This combination has served me well in the past to help me lose 60 pounds after gaining weight on Depo Prevera. Keep in mind that if you do choose the diet pill route that it will be present in breast milk so consider pumping and dumping so your baby doesn't get exposed.

     These are methods are the things that are working for me, but they are not reviewed or endorsed by any doctors or health professional as I am sure that some of my personal practices are not very healthy.


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    • profile image

      Darah Nielsen 6 years ago

      My readers who are overweight and pregnant will benefit so much from your post! thanks for sharing such a great info!