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Lose Tummy Flab & Drop a Jean Size in 1 week!

Updated on April 1, 2010

Losing that tummy flab and a jean size in one week is in the grabs of your hands, all you need to do is grasp it and get working

If your favorite low cut jeans are on the bottom of your drawer because their too tight and make your tummy flab  even worse, there is good news for you! By following the following exercise tips and changing your eating habits, you can once again wear those low cut perfect jeans in one week, just one week! Wouldn’t you like that?

The first thing you need to know about losing that unappealing and embarrassing tummy flab is to forget about doing any kind of abdominal exercise. As crazy as this sound, abdominal exercises only make your tummy flab worse! Why? When you do abdominal exercise without first getting rid of the fat in your belly, you create muscles underneath the fat; as a result your tummy flab becomes even bigger. (And there is a hundred percent chance you do not want a bigger tummy flab.)

In general there are three types of exercises; they are aerobic exercises, anaerobic exercises, and stretching exercises. Now that you know the different types of exercises, can you guess which one is more effective to lose that tummy flab? If you pick only one type of exercise to lose that tummy flab, you are wrong. The best type, not to mention fun way, to lose that tummy flab is to do a combination of the three types of exercise, especially, anaerobic exercises. In the following bullet points, you will get a few examples of each type of exercise.

· Aerobic exercises are basically cardio exercises. They include bicycling, dancing, skiing, skating, walking, jumping rope, running, stair climbing and swimming.

· Anaerobic exercises are short and they burn a lot of calories. They include heavy weight-lifting, running, biking, jumping rope, hill climbing, interval training, and isometrics.

· Stretching exercises provide extra elasticity to the limbs. They include ballistic stretching, dynamic stretching, active stretching, relaxed stretching, static stretching, isometric stretching, and yoga.

If you get a full body workout you are sure to lose that unappealing tummy flab in one week, and if you really want to drop a jean size in one week, there is more you can do lose that tummy flab! The next step in getting rid of that tummy flab is to change your eating habits. This means limiting the intake of some foods rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates. (This means less junk food, fast foods, and sweet drinks.) These foods will not only increase your tummy flab, in general, they are bad for your overall health.

If you follow these two tips for a whole week, you are guaranteed to lose that tummy flab and lose a jean size in a week! Of course, if you want to permanently to lose that tummy flab  and lose more than one jean size, you need to adopt these habits for life. (That’s why you should not get rid of your favorite candy or chocolate. Instead you have to eat them in fewer quantities and less often.) Losing that tummy flab and a jean size in one week is in the grabs of your hands, all you need to do is grasp it, get working, and ones and for all get rid of that embarrassing tummy flab!!!


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