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Lose Weight By Thinking

Updated on March 22, 2014

The mental aspect of weight loss is the most fundamental part of the weight loss process.

It is a proven fact you can accomplish whatever your mind is focused on.

The mind is the most powerful tool you possess. When facing the challenge to lose weight why not use this God given gift.

If you decide you are ready to lose weight your mind will find ways to accomplish this goal.

Statistics show the human brain produces approximately between 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts on average per day.

Any solution your mind comes up with will be based on the knowledge you possess. That is why educating yourself about weight loss is very important.

Educating yourself helps you make better decisions.

Understanding How to Lose Weight

The mental aspect of weight loss is an internal evaluation of what, when, why and how you consume food and it is essential to losing weight.

When you ask these questions you discover ways to help make changes.

For instance, asking yourself the basic question, "Why Do I Eat?", can help you determine your mental attitude toward food. Your answer might be, "I Eat to Live", or "I Love Food" and your next question might be, "Why Do I Overeat?". Your answers help you understand your internal dialogue about food.

Unhealthy eating habits are difficult to break, however, managing to break a bad eating habit and replace it with a healthier one is difficult to maintain.

What Triggers You To Eat?

It is mandatory to find what your triggers are so you can overcome bad eating habits as well as develop new triggers that will help maintain a healthy diet.

The way to identify your triggers is to pay attention to the things that cause you to eat or overeat.

  1. Feelings of Depression
  2. Low Self Esteem
  3. Rejection

These are all FAMILIAR TRIGGERS that cause us to use food in an unhealthy way. We can use food as a defensive mechanism to comfort and soothe the pain of these emotions.

Losing Weight is more mental than you think.

When you understand the psychological aspect of losing weight you gain an advantage for controlling your food intake.

The healthiest way to lose weight is to adopt a common sense approach to weight loss.


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