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Lose Weight By Thinking Yourself Thinner

Updated on January 29, 2016

Do You Believe in Yourself?

No one will think you are a success if you don't think so yourself. That is why it is so important to have a very high concept of yourself. Some people will try to drag you down to their level. With a proper mindset that cannot happen. Get to where you are your own number one fan.

Who Are Your Role Models?

If there anyone you look up to? This could be a person who inspires you. Sometimes learning about a successful person you like can be very motivating. It doesn't mean you are copying that person and losing your own identity. Rather it means that you are emulating certain characteristics of a successful person to become more successful yourself.

What Was Your Most Successful Moment?

There is a bad tendency among overweight people to "beat themselves up." Our weight is not the sum total of who we are as people. No matter who you are, you have had some successes in your lifetime. Just because you are overweight does not mean your whole life has been a failure. So think back to something you decided to do and achieved it. You were a person of resolve then so become a person of resolve now with your weight loss.

Read Inspirational Literature.

Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking is a classic inspirational book. Yes, you can apply its principles to weight loss. However, there are many others. It does not matter which you choose. Learn something from it and elevate your beliefs to the possible. You want to really get yourself out of your comfort zone and into another realm where you are at a higher consciousness. From that elevated perspective your problems seem very small indeed. That is a successful focus with your problems small and you large enough to overcome them.

Think Empowering Thoughts About Yourself.

Many overweight people think defeatist thoughts. Be positive about yourself. You are a resourceful person and you can do it. Spend some time each day being deliberately positive with yourself. You have no idea how much dividends this will pay in terms of improved mood and perspective. It is priceless.

Realize who it is you admire in life and use this as motivation. Look back upon your most successful achievements. Constantly seek out motivational books, articles and audio materials. Believe that you can achieve your weight loss goal and so you shall.


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