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Tips on Aerobics and Other Effective Weight Loss Methods

Updated on April 16, 2013
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I.W has a B.S degree in Exercise Science. He works in Rehab Services at a Hospital. He also teaches Bible Study & offers spiritual advice.

Good Exercises


Weight Control Methods

As the U.S population continues to wage a battle against obesity and over weight problem, more people are desperately searching for magical ways to lose weight, in other words, the most effective weight loss approach. For many, not only are they determined to find the best weight loss method, they also want to find that method that will allow them to experience the most rapid weight loss over a short period of time. The question is however, of all these weight loss methods out there that have been claimed to be the best, which approach really is?

An exercise program that in-cooperates both aerobic exercises and strength exercises, beyond all reasonable doubts is a more effective way to lose weight, as opposed to dieting. Whereas dieting reduces our metabolic rate, regular exercise increases it - not only during exercise itself, but also up to approximately 7hrs, after we stop exercising. This means that our bodies burn more energy even when we are resting.

However, our lean body mass decreases with sedentary lifestyle, which in turn, slows down the resting metabolic rate. Regular exercises that in-cooperates strength exercises and aerobic exercises increases lean body mass and reduce body fat overall. Based on these facts, it is thus safe to argue that of all the different ways to lose weight, one of the most effective weight loss methods is to implement a combination of aerobics and strength exercises. Not only is it one of the best weight loss methods, it's also a healthy weight loss approach.

Lean body mass is heavier for its volume, in comparison to body fat, so if we do a combination of aerobic exercises and strength exercises on a regular basis, we may lose inches even though our weight stays the same. Replacing fat with lean tissue provides an extra benefit, because when compared with fatty tissue, lean tissue burns about three times as many calories at rest. This is also another reason this approach has been considered to be an effective weight loss method.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises increase fat-burning enzymes. The role of fat-burning enzymes plays a very important role, because fat is lost primarily by burning it in muscle. As the concentration of the enzymes increases so does the body's ability to burn fat. For this reason, a weight loss program that involves aerobic exercises is of paramount importance to weight control and is definitely an effective weight loss approach that individuals, instructors and trainers should all consider.

Strength Exercises

Regular strength exercises increase muscle mass or size(lean body mass), and as the size of muscle increases, so does resting metabolism. Even small increases in lean body mass effect resting metabolism. An individual's resting metabolism will increase by approximately 35 calories per day for each additional pounds of muscle tissue or (lean body mass) gain. Consequently, one will experience rapid weight loss over a shorter period of time, as opposed to strict dieting. Please see the recommended diet as opposed to stringent diet to lose weight at


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